: aquarius - your year in the stars :
Your sign is the eleventh constellation in the zodiac belt, a narrow band of the sky stretching just a few degrees, either side of the Sun’s apparent path across the celestial sphere. This makes you an enigmatic and multi-dimensional character, as each sign contains elements of those preceding it and yours, is the penultimate member of this series. You probably believe you are the most straightforward person in the universe and on some occasions, you might even be correct. Still, it is a measure of your often contradictory and idiosyncratic nature, that you could only really say this for a proportion of the time. Often you embody the dictionary definition of a paradox, since on one hand you are convinced of your unique abilities as an individual, while on the other you are certain you’re not so exceptional or different from anybody else.

In addition, you are known as the Water-Bearer and yet your element is air. Your sign is linked with upheaval and with revolutionary change, but your nature is described as fixed. You are deeply concerned with the welfare of humanity, but find it hard on a one-to-one basis to tolerate much company. While there are sound reasons that explain all these apparent inconsistencies, it is little wonder some people find it hard keeping up with you. The past few years have seen you swallowing a dose of your own medicine, as the three outer planets in the form of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto together with Chiron, a smaller and more recent discovery, have encouraged you to evaluate elements of your outlook afresh. The most enduring of these influences with an impact reaching back eight years, is Pluto in Capricorn, the sign before yours.
Astronomers argue about the significance of this body, although anyone who has been on the receiving end of its transits, won’t be persuaded by this debate. This planet has taken you to some dark places during the course of its stay, causing you to question a number of factors that previously, you simply took for granted. It has seemed as if everything you thought you knew, has turned out to have been misguided. A phase of confusion, breakdown and decay is typical as this planet becomes established, but by now you ought to have noticed light at the end of the tunnel, while you accept a fresh set of prerogatives that will form a framework for your future.

Your relationships have also been through an extended phase of renewal, so while there is still some way to go currently, those who feature nowadays or have maintained their place in your affections are rather better to be around, than the folk who lied and worked against you when you had no idea of their true motives, or blithely pushed it from your mind. This has been akin to the cycle of death and rebirth, leaving you with values grounded in a less materialistic stance. Both Neptune and Chiron affirm it has not been easy, but suggest rediscovering a path you’d strayed away from, or were encouraged to put to one side. The financial penalties have been severe, but these must be countered by a sense of genuine authenticity, plus the definite perception that you are coming home.

Even so, much of this process has been shocking and surprising. This year, you should continue to be careful with your money and especially about who you trust. You have been hurt this way before; underestimating your talents and achievements allowed others to make inroads into what was rightfully yours, as they undermined your happiness and equilibrium, in the interests of selfish gain. But the worst is now over; if you are ready to learn the lessons of past mistakes and once you can really pinpoint these beyond any doubt.
: aquarius - january 2016/january 2017 :
Particularly up until September, those who truly matter feel generously disposed towards you, which has positive consequences for your emotional well-being and financial position. You cannot expect everyone to be delighted by your good fortune though, or to be anything other than fiercely jealous and resentful, as perhaps you have come to expect from so many these days. But you know that your experiences have taught you plenty. As you establish a new framework of belief to sustain you through the next few years, you will be keen to spread the word about your deeper insights, while learning more of the language and the spiritual context within which you can assimilate these concepts. Later this year you may be drawn to visit other regions of the world, where the culture and surroundings look enlightening and illuminating…

You might equally go back to college, to study similar philosophies and expand your frame of reference, or you could be keen to help others in their own particular struggle, on an individual basis or more widely, through teaching and publishing perhaps. A significant proportion of the coming year is characterised by Mars at the apex of your horoscope, making you eager for progress and to see results for what could be considered, as the accumulated wisdom of a mature Saturn cycle. Your enthusiasm is renewed, while your confidence and energy levels recover, to approach those you can remember from beforehand. Be a little careful around authority figures so you don’t tread on their toes, or push forward too strongly for their comfort. And accept the past, along with all its imperfections, as a tutorial that put you where you are today.
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