-: Astrology for Kids :-
* Astrology for Kids *
Written and published by Paul Wade with illustrations by the Cosmic Snail.
A vibrant and colourful new book introducing your children to a subject you love…
Price: £6.99 (GBP: Exchange Rates). Handling and airmail shipping, £3.50 per title worldwide.
ISBN: 978-0-9567389-0-5  •  36pp paperback  •  128 x 140 mm (5.0 x 5.5 inches).
Join in a happy world of charming characters all so eager to meet you!
< A great book for adults and children alike, especially if you enjoy your free horoscopes. >
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US $8.68 : Canada $11.64 : Euro €8.19 : Australia $11.60 : NZ $12.27 : S. Africa R119.22 : Japan ¥973
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