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To say the forthcoming twelve months are shaping up to be the easiest you’ve known, would not honestly be the truth. In a number of ways, you have been coping with stressful circumstances for some while and there is at least a part of you that was hoping for reassuring news. But you are no stranger to hardship, obstacles and adversity; while working within a structure generally brings out the best in you. You reckon anything of value is worth fighting for, while your planet Saturn regularly affirms that the longer it takes to achieve something, the more enduring the results are to match. The exact nature of what you are facing has altered and varied over time according to the twist and turns of your everyday reality, but from a philosophical point of view and an empirical stance, you’ll see how certain themes have remained constant.

Foremost among these is the idea of change and of one extended cycle drawing to a close, although with nothing definite on the horizon, ready to take its place. Since 2008 your life has altered immeasurably, as Pluto’s distant and mysterious influence has transformed your position within the world and what you expect from it. In retrospect, you’ll acknowledge much of this has been beneficial and you wouldn’t go back to how things were, but along the way there have been some dark moments and times when you’ve questioned almost everything you used to believe. The idea of power and control has figured prominently in this process, both the command of your own destiny and the ability you have to influence the behaviour of others. Material resources have featured starkly, especially once anybody else begins to get involved.
You may have been on the receiving end of this dynamic, with money or property used as an incentive to ensure your cooperation, or a deterrent to guarantee you do not rock the boat. You may have been tempted to deploy such tactics yourself to keep others in line. This has probably only proven partially successful and could have damaged your relationships immeasurably, depending on the susceptibility of your chosen target to this kind of manipulation. Jealousy, possessiveness or problems of a sexual nature have been prominent in more personal associations and depending on the precise date you were born, you may see them continuing now.

The main difference between this year and also the next, compared to the recent past, is Saturn’s contribution to a fin de siècle feeling. Whereas beforehand you’d have recognised you were in a state of metamorphosis, you also believed you were on a journey and heading somewhere. But the passage of Saturn through the sign before yours suggests a sense of finality, as the irreversible nature of much that is occurring becomes obvious. While previously you were able to see where matters needed fixing and that Pluto was able to set these wheels in motion, Saturn assumes a number of mainstays you imagined would be around forever, are over too. Activities, goals and people vanish from your sphere of influence…

Sometimes you don’t know what think, since your situation seems by turns so changeable and in the doldrums the next. At one point you are sure you’ve decided on a definite course of action while later again, everything is up in air. Doubtless, your best bet is to remain flexible, to investigate the entire extent of your alternatives, while endeavouring never to make up your mind with any certainty, nor committing yourself to a concrete set of outcomes with no room for variation. At times like these it is likely, the picture will clarify more fully and you aren’t currently in possession of all the facts yet.
: capricorn - december 2015/december 2016 :
Be ready to think outside the box and to consider options you may not have thought through seriously before, while not mistakenly confining yourself to tried and tested solutions that have always worked in the past. Unfortunately in the meantime, your domestic and family situation continues to prove unsettling and vulnerable to sudden disruptions. There may be an issue around freedom and self-determination that needs to be addressed among one or more family members, or it could be that where you are living presently, simply isn’t the right place for you. Perhaps you need to move; to somewhere that suits your purposes better, even if you have only relatively recently relocated. Or there may be a range of updates and alterations you can initiate where you currently reside, that will render it far better suited to your requirements.

And so amid this challenging backdrop, Jupiter stands out like a beacon of hope and helps to differentiate the events of the coming twelve months from those that have preceded them. From next September this planet moves over the apex of your horoscope and reminds you, that just as one chapter of your experience draws towards its resolution, there is no reason for it to finish with a whimper. This planet is an auspicious augury for your career interests and professional affairs, particularly when you are able to adapt your expectations, to suit a more inclusive outlook and a philosophical angle. The same applies to many of your vocational and worldly concerns, urging you to make your best strides and to concentrate on what has the potential for success, in addition to that which inevitably is going to require more unravelling.
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