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It is hard to say much about the year ahead without reference to the planet Saturn, continuing with a stay of nearly three years in your sign, to end finally during the closing stages of 2017. As it travels around the zodiac, highlighting every constellation in a journey that’ll take almost thirty years in total, this planet offers you the opportunity to sort out your affairs, by emphasising each section of your horoscope and the issues with which that area is associated, in turn. So despite any impression to the contrary that you may have acquired over the past twelve months, this planet is always at work in one way or another; it’s just this year its presence in your part of the sky, puts a particular spotlight on the fallout. So it is important not to take its stay out of context, or to imagine the year ahead must be filled with doom and gloom, just because this planet’s serious and sombre reputation, seems superficially so out of kilter with your own more light-hearted and fun-loving tendencies.

For a start, Saturn’s effects are a long way from detrimental. Without its contribution, you would never achieve anything lasting and of worth. Saturn is linked with professional and career successes in particular and with enduring gains that stand the test of time. It is connected with the widespread appreciation of your accomplishments, particularly when these are the result of hard work and have been built up over an extended period of focus. A steady application, worthwhile commitment, dedication, perseverance, modesty, thrift and a long-term view are some of the outcomes rewarded by this planet. Dodging your responsibilities, looking for short cuts, eschewing the experience you’ll need, expecting something for nothing and not taking matters seriously are correspondingly, simply asking for trouble where Saturn predominates.
Saturn’s passage through your sign is equally, something of an exercise in pruning away the excess and superfluous from your life. Like a rose that is grown for its flowers, on occasion there needs to be a period of dormancy and even cutting back, to ensure a strong and healthy structure is maintained, to produce stunning blooms the next season. Just as any weak and spindly growth is among the first to be excised; so activities, interests and relationships that are no longer fit for purpose, can be pinpointed and found wanting by this planet. Similarly, any deadwood needs to be removed, thus elements that used to have significance and nowadays no longer feature prominently will, after a period of testing to establish their ongoing validity, also join the exodus from your sphere of influence.

So overall this is a phase of consolidation and of drawing in your horns, but of building a firm foundation for the decades to come as well. This may not sound exactly thrilling on first inspection, but it’s part of a growth process and one that will stand you in excellent stead heading forwards. Instant gratification doesn’t really enter the equation either, but you’d be wise to accept the strictures of this planet and take your time, safe in the knowledge that by so doing, you are safeguarding the durability and upshot of your endeavours.

And it is not like certain issues don’t need your attention, or haven’t wanted it for a very long while. Where you have been avoiding an unpleasant or arduous task, Saturn will encourage you to face up to what is required from you, with consequences that are not so dreadful once you manage to accept their inevitability. Next year more than this one, you may begin to feel more uncertain and even doubtful or bewildered, as the theme of elimination continues but nothing new has eventuated to anchor you, or to plug any of the gaps. This is simply to be expected with a dutiful Saturn in action, so if you’re keen to remain objective, forewarned will be forearmed.
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Plus once again, this whole procedure is far from all dire news. Pluto’s passage through your house of earned income since 2008, means that your method of earning a living and attracting the essential funding you require, has long been locked in a phase of breakdown and renewal. If you have acknowledged the need for action previously, you may now be in the midst of regenerating these sources of revenue and transforming them into something more profitable and up-to-date. But most likely, you have simply hoped for the best, making minor adjustments at the last minute and only once this had proven wholly unavoidable. Saturn is unlikely to tolerate such a passive approach for long and will ensure practicality rules the roost again. This is an opportune moment to cut your losses, to leave the past behind you and to ensure you are building on your future prospects now, rather than papering over forgotten errors and those outmoded practices from before.

And, in typically Sagittarian fashion, your timing could not be much better. Jupiter at the top of your chart for the bulk of the coming year, means that none of this needs to be either a dull or demeaning grind. Rather the more you can apply yourself, the more you will see some of your famous luck returning, paying dividends commensurate with and even in excess of what you were expecting in the circumstances. Anything with an international flavour, a philosophical basis, a social purpose beyond just making money, or linked with spreading the word matches this planetary symbolism to perfection. Jupiter and Saturn represent opposite principles, but in a combination like this they can be complementary ones as well. It may take a little effort, to get them working in harmony but an optimistic sort of realism, is very helpful indeed.
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