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The departure of Saturn from your sign is by now, entirely complete. A major phase of your life has ended, while another is finding its feet. Although this transition has not always been a pleasant process, in retrospect you’ll recognise it was probably an essential one. A sense of culmination and finality has characterised the past few years leaving a number of your prior interests, aspirations, ambitions and even relationships consigned firmly to the past, including some you had previously regarded as indispensable and that you’d thought would still have meaning for you heading forwards. A smaller range of activities has now taken their place and while you’re often left feeling that something must be missing, these are the inaugural stages of an ongoing process set to dominate this year and then many others to come.

In plenty of ways this turn of events has meant a steep and extensive learning curve. Yet from here onwards your education looks set to continue, as your experiences cause you to question a number of ideas that previously you had considered to be absolutely beyond reproach. In fact looking back, several of these have been guiding principles, for so long as you can remember. It is not easy giving up on them, either from a rational or emotional point of view, while coming to accept there might be a different angle, or an alternative approach you can take. Anyone who attempts to force you to change your mind is in for a fruitless and frustrating experience, but given enough evidence of the need to adapt, you are not foolish enough to believe you can stay separate from this prospect forever and regardless of what else occurs.
Throughout your coming year Saturn remains in Sagittarius. From here it continues to impact on your outlook, especially highlighting the area of your horoscope customarily linked with money, your material circumstances and possessions. This planet’s reputation is traditionally quite fearsome, as you will have found out over the past five years and potentially longer, so these trends are understandably interpreted by many as an ominous omen. Yet in practice and by understanding the nature of what the universe is trying to teach you, Saturn’s impact on your situation can potentially be rather favourable, providing you are willing to function within those constraints its associations encourage you to acknowledge.

Traditional wisdom would suggest that Saturn in your money zone means a shortage of available cash. However, if you were to do your research and study the birth data of the rich and famous, you may be surprised to see how frequently this placing features in the birthcharts of people who have amassed great wealth. In addition, there is not a million miles between the hard work and dedication Saturn demands and the determination that comes as second nature to those born under your constellation. But the planetary alignment that dominates the sky just presently, obviously has less to do with recreation than with a serious and goal-orientated focus.

It is connected with actualising whatever you value in the world and with capitalising on those personal attributes that’ll help you to feel secure. As a consequence, you are then better able to increase your income as a result of this boost to your confidence. This will probably never be a process where the funds you’re after, land unexpectedly in your lap. It is a matter of considering what you want and need, followed subsequently by the sustained pursuit of the means you have pinpointed for their acquisition. Most probably, you will not be happy to follow any option purely for its material benefits.
: scorpio - october 2015/october 2016 :
There is the desire to express your individuality and to make a difference on your own distinctive and individualistic terms, that permeates your approach to your career concerns and professional interests this year. This might possibly find a satisfactory resolution in working for yourself, running your own business or potentially a position in a large organisation, that allows you lots of freedom to make autonomous decisions and to organise your own schedule. You never will be satisfied with an excessive interference in what you regard as your affairs, or in any situation where you are cosseted too closely. At the end of the day you need to balance your expenditure with the desire to remain independent from these limitations. Unfortunately, your outgoings are set to keep increasing regardless, of your desire for personal growth.

At the same time all these developments actually find their origins within a wider remit. The underlying theme stems from the influence of the planet Neptune, in a region of the sky that links with self-expression and the desire to manifest your full potential. But privacy and security are also both enormously important to you, so to sacrifice or even compromise either, goes against the grain. Recent years have left you with the feeling that despite the best of intentions and the strongest will in the world, you have still managed to miss your initial target and have ended up consigned to a wilderness of nebulous possibilities instead. So this is your chance to understand and appreciate that while such eventualities have seemed unwelcome, they actually represent the amorphous, intangible and fragmented beginnings of the rest of your life.
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