Be Your Own Astrologer -: be your own astrologer :-
Step-by-Step to Creating and Interpreting Your Birthchart
This clear and attractive book shows you how to be your own astrologer. With worksheets and templates to fill in and completed examples to follow, you’ll discover how enjoyable, straightforward and rewarding it can be learning astrology for yourself.
Understand the significance of astrological notation and symbolism.
Work out your rising sign and the other features of your own birthchart.
Master the analysis of your houses, signs, planets and aspects.
Synthesize shapes, patterns and the signature your horoscope contains.
Interpret each placing fully, gaining insight into every facet of your life.
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Now in UK and US editions, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Spanish and Estonian.
P.S. This is a reply to Tory at the US link above and which won’t let me post. Thanks guys! 
Dear Tory,

Thanks for your review and I’m glad you enjoyed reading Be Your Own Astrologer. The points you raise are good ones I’d be happy to address for you…

1. If you have a computer, you don’t need any other books to create your own birthchart. Grab a free astrology program called and generate a table of houses in moments for wherever you want, plus your own ephemeris for whenever you require. Generate your sidereal time at midnight for the day concerned by going to and leaving your location blank, this will provide you with an online ephemeris as another useful option.

2. Next click over to the to obtain the latitude and longitude of your birthplace, plus the correct time zone. You might sometimes encounter issues with daylight saving time and the dates this applied, but some persistent searching should resolve that for you as well, depending on your locality. Alternatively start by looking on and then follow the links from there, or use the over at Astrodienst for a definitive answer, from a site that will even calculate your whole birthchart without charge. Anyway, whatever you decide, once you are happy with this information, then you’re done…

3. There are only two charts that need photocopying in this book. One should be on to plastic transparency, but you can get this where you buy your paper and it is just as easy to use. Putting the charts up for download was an invitation to those who haven’t bought the book, so sorry if this proves inconvenient.

4. I might have explained in more depth how to read an ephemeris and table of houses, but I’m not sure how I would have done so considering the range of editions available. Plus, many forgo such details to concentrate immediately on interpretation, at which this book also excels. It seemed more important to cover interpretative topics like understanding Chiron through the signs and houses, the Part of Fortune through the signs and houses, the ascendant, descendant, MC and IC through the signs, unaspected planets, anaretic planets, retrogrades, the Moon’s nodes and void of course planets, plus the other things the usual books generally miss out, than to explain any other publication in detail, when once you buy these you’ll discover they do this themselves.

Ultimately, you could always use the software links I’ve given to calculate your birthchart for you, but I’d recommend you try it for yourself at least once.

Thank you again and I’m glad you liked Be Your Own Astrologer!


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