- not great for interpretation but ideal for calculation…
- so which astrology software will prove the best for you?
- here is some impartial advice to help with the right decisions.
professional astrology software astrological shareware
Among packages aimed at the professional or more serious student of Western astrology, Windows applications continue to predominate. Solar Fire remains a market leader, but Sirius and its precursor Kepler from Cosmic Patterns are gaining ground, in a static market where little except cosmetic development has eventuated for several years. Matrix Software provides Win*Star and maintains a loyal following, while an unrestricted 30-day demo of Janus is offered by Astrology House to experience for yourself. Mac users either need an emulator, or are limited to the Io Edition from Time Cycles Research, that lags behind in terms of true functionality, despite the elegance of their website. Shareware isn’t free, but is freely distributed usually as a trial version, that you can register to enjoy the full capabilities of the application, often rather more cheaply than regular commercial software. For example deep in the Windows world, ZET is an astrology program with some interesting touches. There is a Lite version to try out gratis, while registration entitles you to two further levels of extra content. Written by Anatoly Zaytsev from the Ukraine, if you like stellar graphics you are sure to enjoy yourself. For Mac users, Kairon has a long history and some vocal advocates. I haven’t tried this program personally, but you can download and run it thirty times before you need to register.
astrological freeware calculations on the web
There is a wide range of Windows freeware available, so many exciting programs originate in this sector, as the potentially free Swiss Ephemeris places accuracy within the reach of everyone nowadays. Astrolog 6.30 has a long history, but its features put most other freeware to shame, plus there is a largely functional port for Linux that unfortunately, looks rather out of date these days. For those eager to deploy Linux as their operating system of choice, OpenAstro is probably your best option at present. It remains a bit rough around the edges, but it is completely free and still under active development. Windows fans may favour Riyal for Windows, sporting a power and cutting-edge array of options, you might expect to see only in professional programs. No summary of computerised chart calculation would be complete without any mention of Alois Treindl and Astrodienst. The extensive offering featured by this site, in the form of their Extended Chart Selection is both impressive and awe-inspiring. An alternative is provided by AstroApp, an application aiming to position professional-grade astrology firmly in your web browser, in a format that will function across all operating systems. You can try a limited number of techniques free, though the bulk are strictly subscription only. Click the software links below to visit my own link recommendations and archive, where you will see sundry other programs and online services that didn’t quite make this page, including a smattering of astronomy software.
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