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Creating the Perfect Home for Your Star Sign
The twelve zodiac signs have a huge influence on our lives, defining our values and the things that make us feel happy, contented and at peace with ourselves. Bringing these principles into your home is the theme of this practical and inspirational book…
:::   Identify the key attributes, traits and characteristics of your birth sign.
:::   Discover how your horoscope influences your creativity, taste and preferences.
:::   Enjoy a room-by-room analysis of your perfect living space.
:::   Complete your ideal home using lighting, fabrics, colour, furnishings and décor.
:::   Learn how to balance different star signs together within a family environment.
Packed full of insights and ideas, this is an indispensable reference for astrology fans, helping to create a space that reflects and reinforces your own unique personality.
For review copies and more information, contact on +44 (0)20 7531 8579.
First published November 2004. Now available in UK, US and Estonian editions…