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Church of the SubGenius ~ This article gives a more coherent background to the Church, than their own chaotic website. J. R. “Bob” Dobbs, a drilling equipment salesman, was contacted in 1953 by JHVH-1 (Jehovah 1) an evil space god, on a television set Dobbs built himself. Much may remind you of another strictly for-profit organisation, that is linked at the bottom of the page.
Clangers ~ Oliver Postgate died on December 8, 2008 leaving behind a legacy of animated characters who’ll need little introduction to those in Britain of a certain age. This is an episode of the Clangers from 1969 and while I suppose more astronomy than astrology, if you have never seen these guys before be ready, it’s all rather bizarre.
ClickSmilies.Com ~ This site is neither astrological nor astronomical in its primary orientation. It is quite simply the most fantastic collection of smilies, with one for every emotion and with many more besides. These used to be so popular on the old Astrologywizard.com Forum that a recommendation is only fair. Splendid, if you like or need that sort of thing!
Come & See ~ I have mentioned this movie to my friends and acquaintances, this far with little feedback. So if you have any comments or opinions, please drop me a line. Did I mention this war film is over two hours long, lo-res at best and in Russian with English subtitles? But the acting, cinematography and unique production values, make an experience you’re unlikely to forget.
Compass Points of London ~ Greater London covers 607 square miles and is home to an estimated 8.8 million. Roughly one in six UK births occur there, so just saying you were born in London isn’t accurate enough. This guy’s travels and photography illustrate my point. You’ll be surprised at what the real East End of London looks like, or by how rural its southern extremity is too.
Computus ~ Computus, or computation in Latin, is the name given to the calculations behind the date of Easter Day. Nominally, this is the first Sunday to follow the first full moon, that occurs on or after the March equinox. So far, so straightforward, you may imagine. Only in practice this refers to an ecclesiastical full moon, that might differ from the actual one by up to two days.
Convert Units ~ I stumbled on this site the other night, while converting groats to ha’pennies or something similarly mission critical. Included among the mind-boggling calculations offered by this .org non-profit, is a measurement of temperature still beloved by space scientists in the US and called degrees Rankine (°R). Despite a lifelong interest in astronomy, this was all news to me.
Coordinate Distance Calculator ~ A niche recommendation, but an enormously useful bookmark if you are ever want to figure out the precise distance between two pairs of geographical coordinates. Astrologers might need to do so in a number of different situations, such as when working with Astro*Carto*Graphy or local astromapping techniques, as a couple of for instances.
Countries By Suicide Rate ~ Stumbling on this, I was taken aback by the statistics. Each year, close to 800,000 people kill themselves, making 1.4% of all deaths attributable to suicide. Additionally, 79% of suicides across the world hail from low to middle income countries. And 20% use agricultural chemicals like paraquat, with Guyana experiencing a self-poisoning epidemic.
Crank Dot Net ~ Not updated for some while it seems at the time of writing, this site highlights the apparently crazy and bizarre across a whole range of subjects and drawn from all over the Internet. This is the astrology section and there are some interesting recommendations, it’s intriguing who gets a mention and who doesn’t anyhow…
CryptoCoin.cc ~ Bitcoin is easily the best known cryptocurrency. Yet it suffers known vulnerabilities, from slow transaction processing and a perceived association with illegal goods. Some of the newer altcoins attempt to address these issues with better speed, tighter security and greater privacy or anonymity. Bewildering though it seems at first, this topic is worth a look…
Cummingtonite ~ While researching the spiritual life of the Inuit, as I am sure you’ve often done, I stumbled across this mineral named afer where it was discovered and particularly, the small town of Cummington, MA. The original inhabitants of North America are fond of soapstone and today scratch a living selling pieces carved from it. This amphibole, is one integral part.
Current Position of the ISS ~ Where is the International Space Station (ISS) right now? Just click on the link and this site keeps you instantaneously updated, interfacing with Google Maps to reveal exactly where on Earth the ISS is currently travelling over, along with details of its speed and altitude, plus what the crew can see from their windows this very moment.
Dateandtime.info ~ This website aims to provide accurate and relevant information about time around the world, plus lots of other information besides. They are up against some formidable competition: yet there are features of their contribution, that make this offering stand out from the rest. Calculating how far you are from the Arctic Circle or South Pole, is not easily done elsewhere.
Dawn Gets Her Man ~ Or tries to anyhow, although you might be surprised by what happened in real life. Regardless, this is the marvellous Dawn Porter, with some additional input later from yours truly in an astrological context. Truth is, it was all great fun. You can watch or download this BBC TV show only for a limited time, or may strike it lucky with the wonders of YouTube…
Daylight Saving Time By Country ~ A few years ago, a resource like this was unimaginable. Yet the word horoscope implies an awareness of time. Knowing when and where Daylight Saving Time was observed is a fundamental factor in ensuring the accuracy of your entire birthchart. Such information used to be hard to find, costly to purchase and often wishful thinking, anyhow.