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North Dakota ~ Half my website traffic comes from the United States. Breaking this down on a state-by-state basis, North Dakota is always at the bottom of the pile. In fact, ever since my weekly horoscopes went pay per view, it is the only US state from which I receive no visitors at all. Alaska, Vermont and Wyoming all have fewer inhabitants, as does the District of Columbia.
North Pole Swim ~ The Earth’s two poles are important to astrologers, because weird things start to happen there that question our understanding of how we usually look at a horoscope and how the dynamics of astrology actually work. So far as I know, nobody’s been born at either yet, but this guy just took a swim at one of them.
Numbeo: Cost of Living ~ My partner’s mother has now come into money and is intent on living the dream. She currently resides in Portugal, from where she raves on about the price of booze and cigarettes, her main requirements for a happy life. We feel compelled to advise her that twenty Marlboro are 59p in Lucknow, India. A bottle of mid-range wine is £1.48 in Moldova.
One Million Digits Of Pi ~ Pi is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter. It is also an irrational number, since the quantity of decimal places to which it can be calculated is apparently infinite. Thirty-nine digits are enough to figure out the volume of the known universe down to one atom. Here, for your delectation are the first one million places.
Opposite Dictionary ~ Say you write regularly, either for public consumption or simply to keep in contact. If you are proud of your output there will no doubt be occasions, when you are stuck for the right word. Perhaps you are after an antonym and more or less the opposite of the word in your head, so you may find this website useful. It isn’t perfect, but it is a fine work in progress…
Oxford Internet Institute ~ This recommendation has nothing to do with astrology. However, it is connected to the medium you are interacting with now and you might like to spend a few moments looking it over. The Oxford Internet Institute endeavours to map some of the Worldwide Web’s latest trends. They incline towards visuals that are immediately accessible…
Pale Blue Dot ~ The Pale Blue Dot is a picture of the Earth taken by the Voyager 1 spacecraft from a record distance of six billion kilometres. Both the idea and the title for this image came from scientist and astronomer Carl Sagan, who also wrote the book of the same name. All credits for this video to Ice Core Scientist, it’s a stunning journey…
Parkopedia ~ Unfortunately, this is the new standard to which humanity has sunk. I realise the advent of motorised transportation, has revolutionised our approach to this planet, but once whole websites and careers are founded on where people should park their car, I can’t avoid the impression there has to be a better way. Walking to the shops around the corner, for a start.
Perennial Mandala Calendar ~ Jordan Ososki wrote to me and as a regular visitor, was full of praise for my weekly horoscopes and website in general. He also told me about this project, for which he is seeking funding. As he says, $5000 seems a lot for one poster. But wait until you factor in production costs, materials and plenty of time. So, I decided to give him a mention.
Poorest Countries ~ Here is a recent list of the twenty-five poorest countries in the world, based on their GDP per capita, or gross domestic product per head. Published in 2016, this is not the original source of the data, nor is it the very latest available. However, the presentation here is readily assimilated and in reverse order. It is shocking, all bar four of these nations are in Africa.
Precious Metals ~ It was hard choosing a definitive reference on this subject. So in the end, please find the fallback of a Wikipedia link: even though as I am writing, their pricing data looks dramatically out of date. Palladium is currently, the new kid on the jewellery and investment block. Its ruler must surely be the asteroid Pallas, discovered in 1802 just a few months before it?
Pug PROS ~ This recommendation is really nothing to do with astrology, but when I stumbled across this site somehow it completely touched my heart. Some of the stories are so sad and these people are doing such good work that they deserve your support in whatever way you can. Put your hand in your pocket and do something, then!
Quotations Page ~ Need something new for your MySpace headline and tired of quoting Eminem? Writing regularly and short on things to say, never mind, say what somebody else said instead. Impress the boys and wow the girls, while sounding so erudite they’ll think you’ve swallowed your dictionary. Funk me, all you cunning linguists!
Random.org ~ The UK lottery is based on six random numbers between 1-49, but choosing truly random numbers isn’t so easy. Personal bias is inevitable, but the more random your choices the better your chances are. Here then is the perfect way to generate your own random numbers, although do still ask an astrologer about the best time to play…
Real-Time Satellites Around the Earth ~ Somehow, I just noticed this post from 2008. It maps the roughly 13,000 or so man-made satellites orbiting the Earth, tracked by US Strategic Command. Watch the video to convince yourself then download the plugin for a real-time experience. Makes you wonder how anyone can launch anything, with all that space debris out there…
Real Time Satellite Tracking ~ Not the easiest site for the casual observer to get to grips with, this specialist offering enables you to track a satellite of your choosing either around the world or simply overhead and to find out relatively swiftly, the technical data associated with it. You can select a category of satellite to follow or name those that interest you particularly.
Red Bull Stratos ~ Joe Kittinger’s parachute descent from the frontiers of space has been immortalised across the Internet. In 1960 Joe jumped from an altitude of 31.3 kilometers, setting a record that still stands. Now Felix Baumgartner and the Red Bull team are keen to extend this ceiling past 36.6 km. Let’s hope they get the legal wrangling sorted first!