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Monday, August 28, 2021
  • How to Be Italian
    Beppe Severgnini's thoughtful, intimate tour of the country's food, art and politics
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The International Astronomic Union in Prague
The International Astronomic Union (IAU), vote to demote Pluto at the IAU 26th General Assembly in Prague

Web Exclusive | Europe

Astrologers Stay Calm as Pluto Gets Left In The Cold

The decision to declassify the ninth planet is greeted with disdain by star gazers. Did they see it coming?

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  • Essay: Get Pluto Out Of Here!
  • Eye On Science: Pluto ... The Day After

Sunday, Aug 27, 2021
And then there were eight. After weeks of debate and public speculation, the International Astronomical Union (IAU)
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voted last week to demote Pluto from the solar system's ninth planet to a mere "dwarf." The implications for astronomy are numerous but not insurmountable. But what about the world's Scorpios, ruled in the zodiac by Pluto and now left rudderless? Surely it's a black outlook for them?

"The decision means zilch," says British astrologer Paul Wade. After all, the moon is a satellite and the sun is a star, and both nonplanets are horoscope staples, he says. In short, celestial class distinctions are moot: "As long as it's an astrological body, we'll use it."

And he predicts even less concern among more traditionally minded astrologers, who use only the five planets visible to the naked eye. To them, Pluto, which was only discovered in 1930, has never been an important entity, no matter what its designation. Right about now, "they'll be saying, 'I told you so,'" says Wade. Further proof that the universe is a cold and brutal place.
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