The *SEAGULL* has landed!
A splendid mini-consultation offer…
  To celebrate and also commemorate my return to the City of Brighton and Hove almost eight years ago now and my uncharacteristically low profile in the neighbourhood ever since then, I have finally decided to raise my head above the parapet with this unique mini-consultation offer, that is only open to those able to visit me personally in the Poet’s Corner area of Hove, on the south coast of the UK. You don’t have to reside in the town to take advantage of what is a remarkable deal, but you need to be able to arrive here under your own steam.
What’s all the fuss about, then?
  Mainly, this is just a matter of price. You’ll be paying £50 (GBP) for a twenty minute reading, confirmed in advance using the drop-down menu below. These are end-of-the-pier prices for a face-to-face consultation with a well-known and respected astrologer; who enjoys an extensive international following, runs a popular website, was formerly visiting lecturer for two different universities and is published in seven languages. You can also have your consultation recorded to MP3 or CD if you want, just choose these options when you book.
Exactly, where is the catch?
  Actually there isn’t one, but this is a special offer subject to withdrawal at any time. Your twenty minutes will be strictly observed and any overrun billed as another visit. If you require exhaustive information and the ultimate experience, please book a full astro-consultation instead, it’ll work out more cost-effective over the longer term. No preparation is possible, so I’ll be working live with you and your data, like other astrologers do. If you want every possibility to be considered in advance, maybe ask a question from my website for a written reply?
Sounds great. How do I book?
Please select your options for recording from unrecorded (none), to an MP3 for download later or an audio CD that will get posted to you afterwards. Click and confirm to make your payment via Paypal or your plastic, then follow the links to return to this website and to submit your contact details. I will be in touch soon after these arrive, to schedule an appointment and let you know where to come. There are no guarantees of a timescale with this deal, but I will be back to you as quickly as I can and we are certain to meet within a very few days.
Select your recording and then go ahead…