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Other commitments mean I can no longer teach scheduled courses so often as I did beforehand, What ought you to do then if you’re starting your studies or need an intensive tutorial on that one important topic?

The solution is to discuss and plan with me, a personalised syllabus of private tuition, either on an individual basis or as the key member of a select study group. Tell me precisely what you are the keenest to learn and we can discuss the contact time this topic would normally require. Whether you are an intermediate student, a complete beginner or an advanced learner, a syllabus is swiftly scheduled on request. Anything from a basic understanding of your birthchart, through its detailed interpretation, to forecasting and specialist topics. The choice is yours!

The unique and entirely bespoke structure of these custom tutorials means unfortunately, they are solely available to those based within travelling distance of the south-east of England, or who can enjoy a similar round of one-to-one contact via the Internet and on the phone.

However, within this structured framework anything is possible, from weekend workshops through to regular and ongoing tutelage. You can come to me, or I may be able to visit. We could speak for a couple of hours every week or focus an entire day or longer, whatever works best.

So to discuss your educational needs further, please outline whatever you’re looking for by getting in touch from the links below. Remember, this is a cost-effective solution for you, plus an unbeatably convenient and singularly special choice. Whether these are your lessons alone or you are forming part of a group, it should never to be confused with a correspondence course. This is the finest astrology tuition, you’ll find…

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