Paul Wade became a professional astrologer under the solar eclipse of August 1989, when other ambitions first became for him subservient to the pursuit and furtherance of astrological understanding. Astrology has, however, always ranked among his major interests. Paul encountered his first astrology book at only eight years of age and soon recognised this as a guide to his home town.

Over the years he has spread the word extensively, often from behind the scenes. Working initially with colleges of further and higher education in the public sector, he later focused increasingly on private tuition both for individuals and small groups. Paul was visiting lecturer at Goldsmiths’ College of the University of London from 1992-2000 and ran courses accredited via the University of Brighton between 1996-2001. Nowadays, he offers tuition on a bespoke basis for those who’d like a curriculum tailored to suit them perfectly.

Paul runs a thriving astrology practice, with clients coming from all walks of life and many locations around the world. He has helped research numerous TV shows, but now is more often found in front of the camera and on the radio. Home Astrology, his first book, garnered international attention with its contemporary view of the perfect home for your zodiac sign. His second offering is an ideal reference if you are learning astrology yourself; it’s called Be Your Own Astrologer and is so far available in seven languages. Paul’s latest title is Astrology for Kids, with vibrant and colourful illustrations that bring the sign characteristics to life for children of every age.
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