frequently asked questions
What is astrology, exactly?
Astrology means a detailed study of the planets and the stars, looking for significance in their movements not only in terms of ongoing events, but with regard to the character of those born at a certain instant and in all our lives, as these dynamics impact every day.
But… What does an astrologer do?
An astrologer will first ask you some questions about when and where you were born, including the precise time if you know it. Based on your answers, they will calculate and interpret your own individual birthchart, a symbolic representation of the firmament for that exact moment and location. This in turn, provides both enormous insights into your personality and a complete overview of your future, including what is likely to occur and when. Always note your zodiac sign, but it’s just a start compared to your full horoscope.
Why does an astrologer cost such a lot?
Some don’t, and you might get lucky with a special offer at a bargain rate. But most frequently cheap means not very good, when even expensive is no real guarantee, sometimes too. Remember the work of a genuine astrologer takes longer than you’d imagine, while you are paying for their knowledge and experience. Don’t believe the hyperbole, consider their output, listen to other people and then make up your mind…
We hope this FAQ has helped you to decide!
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