» free astrologywizard.com screensavers
:::   The astrologywizard.com zodiac screensavers are free of charge. You are welcome to download them for your own interest and enjoyment.
:::   Each comprises a fun animation, showing a stylised representation of that constellation and of its zodiac symbol.
:::   The installers range from 900-1200kb. They work well under all versions of Windows, including newer 64-bit variants.
:::   These screensavers were made back in 2000. They are still popular and will remain available for download so long as you keep doing so !
» how to download and install step-by-step
:::   First return to the screensaver download page. Just click on the word ‘download’ anywhere in this line to get there quickly…
:::   Click on the symbol of the screensaver you want. If you aren’t familiar with the zodiac glyphs, hover your mouse over each one to reveal its name.
:::   Click on the appropriate symbol and select ‘save this program to disk’ (or similar) in the dialogue that appears.
:::   Select a destination folder to store the download, for example: C:\My Documents, C:\download or C:\Windows\Desktop.
:::   Navigate to this file when your download completes. It will be an .exe file, named in the format of **** Installer, where **** is the sign concerned.
:::   Double click on this file’s icon. Click install in the subsequent dialogue, followed by ‘yes’ when prompted if you want to make a new folder.
:::   Your screensaver installs. Your exact mileage may vary, but you can now preview it or change its properties, it really is as easy as that…
:::   Enjoy your new astrologywizard.com screensaver and do be sure to visit again soon. Remember, tell your friends !
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