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Currently Paul is ready, willing and able to receive commissions from all branches of the broadcast media; including TV and radio; newspapers, magazines and periodicals, established websites and book publishers everywhere. He is happy to discuss your ideas for regular horoscopes and other ongoing features, also the further development of original concepts aimed at a wider audience, now showing promise for the future.

Only paying proposals can honestly be considered, but with this as a given, it is always a pleasure to work through your suggestions. In rare cases it may be possible to reuse material from this website free of charge, although anything written especially for you or with a copy date prior to release here, will be charged at negotiable, but standard commercial rates.

Still, Paul is always thrilled to chat with media sources or to help out with your plans and research, ensuring that today’s audience gets a better grasp of modern astrology than might otherwise have been true…

☆ Please get in touch with him via the links below ☆