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Far and away the most important celestial event this year for many people and you especially, is the arrival of Jupiter in your sign, following on from what has often turned out to be a rather serious and introspective phase. Lately, you’ll have noticed how in metaphorical terms, you have been looking back down a road you have already travelled. You have directed your energies inwardly, reviewing significant events from your distant past, rather than keeping one eye to the future and the majority of your attention on the outside world. You have seen a lot of changes during recent months and also for some period beforehand: at home, in your relationships and your professional affairs, impacting on your health and well-being, while slowly introducing an updated view of your situation and a revised picture of what you can expect today.

But the tone of these developments has for the most part been rather sombre, while their nature has meant that you have wanted to tackle them on your own time: in privacy, seclusion and by yourself. Jupiter’s impending visit to your part of the sky therefore, feels like an overdue and very welcome development. This planet arrives on September 9, 2016 and remains until October 10, 2017. Or to put it another way, from 9/9 initially until 10/10 the following year, is over thirteen months. The whole of your forthcoming year is characterised by Jupiter’s extended visit to your sign, as it tempers the impact of the remaining outer planets and helps you to overcome some of their more abrasive energies.
Most folk will never have the benefit of such a lengthy visit. A twelve month stay is more commonplace, as this planet takes slightly under twelve years to circuit the entire zodiac. Jupiter is one of five planets observed since prehistory. Disregarding the Moon, it is the second brightest object in the night sky after Venus and to any casual observer, it simply resembles a brilliant star. But you’ll only spot Venus in either the east or the west, a few hours before the Sun rises or after it sets, in the same direction as the solar sphere.

By contrast, Jupiter can be seen all night in ideal circumstances and highlights other parts of the sky, while binoculars or a small telescope, will reveal the characteristic features of its atmosphere like the Great Red Spot, its rotating bands of cloud and the four moons first noted by the astronomer Galileo in 1610, one of which is larger than Mercury and more than twice the mass of our Moon. At the time of writing, Jupiter has 67 known satellites, but 51 are less than ten kilometres across and sixteen don’t have a name yet.

Jupiter is only one-tenth the diameter of the Sun and a small fraction of its mass, but it still tips the scales at two and a half times the combined mass of all the other planets in our Solar System. Its considerable bulk and exceptional luminosity, have resulted in symbolic links to good fortune, growth, success, luck and abundance. This may be so on a material level, but it will generally be a case of in one hand and out of the other since largesse, generosity, benevolence and philanthropy are linked with this planet too. Although waste and extravagance come under its remit and don’t need much encouragement to feature, this planet functions best when it is able to spread the love. Thus, your satisfaction cannot always be measured by how much cash you have in the bank, but rather in terms of what you value and your ability to call upon these resources when you need to access them.
: libra - september 2016/september 2017 :
All told, you can expect Jupiter’s transit of your constellation to boost your spirits and promote greater optimism. As you feel more outgoing, your confidence increases and you develop a fresh sense of purpose. People respond to your cordial persona and are in turn, more communicative and approachable, creating a cycle of mutual reinforcement. Relationships on every level, become more meaningful and rewarding, especially those that stimulate you intellectually and where you feel a two-way process, teaches you both something about your place in the world. You are especially drawn to people living or hailing from abroad, as spending time in their company gives you an insight into another way of life. You learn more about yourself from those of different age groups, cultural or religious backgrounds and walks of life.

Jupiter’s arrival starts a new cycle that lasts for the next twelve years. It is a point at which to apply the lessons you have learned in the past and that your enforced withdrawal has taught you, building on situations that in retrospect, you’d agree should probably have been handled better. Learning from your prior mistakes, so as not to repeat the same errors over again, is a constructive outcome. It is better than blaming yourself for a scenario where, you did not know all that you do now and still wouldn’t, without an open mind and with the benefit of hindsight. This year you will find learning and travel play a major part, either formally at school and in continuing education, or simply as an element of your everyday life. Maybe you will visit a distant destination or mix with folk from overseas, without ever departing from familiar surroundings.
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