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Nowadays without a doubt, eclipse interpretation is another of those Cinderella factors for astrologers, a huge question mark an ancient art is struggling to assimilate and address. This has not always been so; in fact quite the opposite was true for the most part of history, though admittedly with a rather negative take on these phenomena that matched the times during which these views prevailed. For those unfamiliar with the eponymous fairy tale, the Concise Oxford Dictionary defines a Cinderella thus: “… a person or thing that is undeservedly neglected or ignored.” Only remember how everything came good for the heroine of this folk story in the end. Reviewing the implications of one of the greatest celestial spectacles on offer, you can only enhance your understanding of your place within the universe and purpose on this planet.

Even the distant and diminutive planetoid Chiron can, given the right circumstances, generate a plethora of enlightened insight and fanciful conjecture. It has been observed over recent decades to exert a marked effect on those subject to its influence. Yet this dormant comet is wholly invisible to the naked eye, with surface features beyond the reach of even the most powerful telescope. Astrology puts the Earth, at the centre of things as our observation platform. Jupiter and Venus are the easiest planets to study, although Mars and Saturn receive a look-in too. Mars stands out because of its colour, but Venus and Jupiter are more brilliant. Still, they simply look like bright stars and you’d need to have them pointed out. The dominant giants of our sky are in a different league, commanding the heavens at night and during daylight hours.
The Sun and the Moon, together with their ongoing lunation cycle have long been noted by stargazers, fishermen, healers, sailors and midwives; not to mention the animal and plant kingdom, the oceans and all of nature itself. The phases of the Moon are entirely dependent on how these two bodies interact, while even the astronomically naïve generally have some clue about the dynamics between them. So it is hard to see, why this most jaw-dropping demonstration of celestial synchronicity, that has been predicted with great accuracy since the days of yore and has people travelling the world to catch, is so often bypassed or downplayed in astrology.

Obviously, it is forever preferable for nothing to be said, ahead of spreading misinformation. Many Western astrologers would rather emphasise contrived and convoluted mathematical contacts, rather than mention what even casual observers can easily perceive to be without equal. Others prefer to work with imaginary objects, instead of a happening you simply can’t ignore, given clear skies. Taking solar and lunar variants together, every year has at least four eclipses and sometimes, so many as seven. A total solar eclipse is seen somewhere every eighteen months and three eclipses can occasionally occur in one calendar month. It is not feasible for such spectacular events, to possess only a passing significance for us.

So you’ll be keen to discover how they will impact on you. The last lunar eclipse in your sign was two years ago and the next is still another six years off. 2005 saw the last solar eclipse, while another arrives in 2023. So it’s a subtle trend, and many might not spot it. But solar eclipses run in sequences, with each one precipitating a similar and subsequent event after a little over eighteen years. Each series lasts for up to fifteen centuries, producing 69-86 solar eclipses in all. Lunar eclipses accompany these solar mainstays, either two weeks beforehand or a fortnight after, sometimes both…
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Each eclipse or Saros Series commences at one of the Earth’s poles, with those from the South Pole working their way north and those from the North Pole heading southwards, roughly half a degree of latitude and 120° of longitude further west, each time. To grasp the nature of an eclipse, it’s important to know its series and where in the zodiac this began, because that is the underlying reason for these circumstances. This year, the total solar eclipse of July 2019 continues a sequence that started in your sign, as does the annular eclipse of June 2021 and the hybrid event of April 2023, although these eclipses belong to three separate series and are not superficially connected. The total eclipse of July 2, 2019 is greatest over the mid-Pacific, though the smart money hopes to catch a more accessible showing from Chile or Argentina.

Your current concerns may seem connected with your professional affairs, or what you hope to achieve in terms of more general ambitions and goals. In reality, you are entering a phase of wondering what you really want and need, along with what makes you the happiest. No matter the factors that appear implicated from the outside, there is an intensely personal symbolism to this only you can fully tackle. Don’t expect to get answers straight away, since a lengthier timescale of up to six years is inferred. It could be that you need to review the habits of a lifetime, in order to find peace of mind. It is possible behaviours you’ve adopted, or developed indirectly for self-defence, now undermine your better interests. Maybe success lies not in how the world sees your position, but how satisfied you are that you’ve done the right thing?
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