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Your astrological year runs from the entrance of our locally awesome, yet in cosmic terms unremarkable and diminutive star, into the sector of the firmament associated with your sign and named after this constellation. At least, from here on Earth, that is how it seems. Still, even before the earliest days of space exploration it has long been universally accepted, that our planet orbits a central hub and not the other way around; despite what the ancients initially believed. The moment of the Sun’s illusory arrival varies slightly on an annual basis; pinpointing a hint of fluctuation that occasionally even carries over to the following day; especially when it is amplified by the consequences of where you’re living and in which time zone. Remember, how the seasons play a major role across the several temperate regions of the globe? The Sun’s ingress into Libra defines the September equinox: the onset of Autumn for most of its inhabitants, also Spring for a significant minority.

At the equinox, the hours of daylight and darkness are approximately equal all over the world, give or take a few subtle variations depending on your latitude of observation. Defined according to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), a measure most closely matching the time zone throughout Western Europe and large swathes of West Africa, the plane of the Earth’s equator crosses the centre of the solar sphere at precisely 20:04:44 hours on September 22. Astrologically, this juncture means a collective rebirth for the roughly 625 million people born under your sign: whether your own individual nativity coincides exactly; occurs a little afterwards or does not match up until some weeks later.
This year you are bound to experience a touch of chagrin, after the exceptional conditions that have characterised Jupiter’s journey through your constellation. This began on September 9, 2016 and ultimately ends over thirteen months later on October 10, 2017. At one year on average to pass through each segment of the zodiac, this planet’s visit is a broadly duodecennial event, the like of which you haven’t enjoyed since 2005 and that you won’t encounter again until 2028. It means a fresh start for you in several ways, the essence of which may have dipped beneath your radar. Where life proceeds calmly for you, there appear few reasons to rock the boat.

When you are feeling comfortable with your circumstances and situation, you are more inclined to ease off the pace and to lift the pedal from the metal. Minor imperfections appear a small price to pay, for an ambience of harmony and ease. Nonetheless, just because it looks to be later in the day, you aren’t wise neglecting to promote the inroads this planet could make into your life, prior to mid-October. This means seeking out enlightening experiences under a number of guises. Anything that expands your world view, introduces you to new ways of life, to different philosophies and to alternate means of decoding your environment must be embraced.

With the benefit of hindsight you acknowledge, that what seemed at the time to be leisure pursuits, now have consequences that look eventually, to be astonishingly educational. Classically, you might travel; become involved in community affairs, or mingle with folk from other walks of life: diverse cultures, backgrounds and regions of the globe. All such activities prove illuminating and especially instructive, so you’ll learn plenty almost without noticing, yet at first on a very private and potentially even subliminal basis. But you are gradually able to integrate and apply this knowledge across the board, over the months ahead and once Jupiter gets into its stride.
: libra - september 2017/september 2018 :
You may enjoy a phase of exceptional insight or even a crisis of confidence, that profoundly affects your stance on a whole range of issues heading forward, offering you the first inkling of an unfamiliar but undeniably intriguing school of thought; ready to assume prominence in the years ahead that comprise the bulk of this growth process. Anyway, placing the karmic wheel of development aside for a moment, most of the coming twelve months are related on a metaphysical level, to putting what you have learned during a prior period of a similar length into practice. Some imagine its effects only show on a material level: but how you deal with earning a living; your income, savings and what you are willing to spend your money on, is reliably and constantly one of the best indicators we have, of what matters most to you or anyone else.

Would you pay out thousands on a mortgage, if property ownership were not among your priorities? As a sentient individual, of course not. The coming months help to bolster your cash flow, yet money comes in one hand and out of the other, as what you gain is channelled back to promote the implications of a fair and wherever possible, equal distribution of resources. Look to your immediate vicinity, if you are plagued by any area where such a simple and happy philosophy does not successfully predominate. Wherever power and coercion play a greater role than they ought to, it doesn’t really matter whether you’re the victim or the perpetrator. This scenario is often a double-edged sword, but it is not a sustainable or adequate result. Eventually, these anomalies show themselves and are ready, to come out in the wash…
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