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From the telephone in 1876; to the first production automobile in 1885, cameras by Kodak from 1901 and the Wright brothers’ first powered flight in 1903: the Earth and the lives of its citizens are almost unrecognisable, within the space of not much more than the longest lifetime. Many nowadays cannot visualise a world without Google or Instagram; parking sensors, voice recognition, men on the Moon, missions to Pluto and jetting extreme distances for a run-of-the-mill vacation; several times a year. So technology continues to fuel this momentum. Home computing took off in the early Eighties and by 1990, the Internet arrived. The advent of the smartphone in 2007 enabled Africa, Asia and South America to leap straight into the Information Age, bypassing the evolutionary process followed across North America and Europe.

In modern society, many cannot cope with a brief disconnection from the wider world or access to the entirety of human knowledge on a whim. Yet globally, there are still only 129 people for each square mile of land. Disregarding Antarctica and other uninhabitable areas, brings this figure to below 300. So theoretically, we all have 93,000 square feet each, or about a football pitch and a quarter. Nevertheless, 55% of people now reside in cities. In my hometown: 9,050 people share each square mile, giving us a generous 3,080 square feet each or so you’d think: only I am often closer to my neighbours than I am to my life partner. Yet the urge to congregate and cooperate is part of the human condition. Bar exceptions, we are ultimately and predominantly social beings: for whom company was once a necessity, not a choice.
Thus today’s workers compete in a global marketplace, where candidates from developing countries can charge less for a month than their counterparts need an hour. And most people equip themselves with a sophisticated tracking device, that pinpoints your position within inches and keeps detailed records of where you go, what you do and with whom. Imagine a government imposing such a scenario? Instead the majority embrace this hardware voluntarily and pay a premium for the privilege. Knowing where everybody is all the time, has its advantages: especially in a small country with a sizeable population like the UK. We are logged, tracked, recorded and photographed wherever we venture. This data is then retained.

Satellite technology can tell what brand of trainers you’re wearing from space, as if a data trail didn’t exist of where you bought them, what you paid and the search terms you used. So it is in this climate of accelerating change that your astrological year begins. During the decades I have been in practice, there have been few occasions where I am not contemplating some celestial event of great rarity and importance, especially recently. Alignments and configurations that have not been seen for hundreds and maybe thousands of years, are frequent occurrences, even commonplace.

While the interests of those reading their horoscope remain the same: love, luck and money; career concerns, health issues, home, travel and family affairs; the world has pretty much flipped on its axis. Meanwhile, people watch their house earn more than they do and pretend this is a practical proposition. Sat in front of their TV (from 1936, colour from the mid-Sixties), they plan their next holiday and studiously, look the other way. Obviously, it is unfair to dismiss the concerns of folk following the stars as selfish or trivial. But it is vital to keep a sense of perspective as the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto builds toward the base of your horoscope.
: libra - september 2019/september 2020 :
This region of your firmament deals with your emotional needs, along with the desire for a safe base: a place of retreat, to relax and regroup. It governs your home and family; domestic affairs, your parents and nurturing parent in particular; traditionally your biological mother but not invariably. Pluto means change and there has been plenty, stretching back to when this binary planetoid entered Capricorn almost twelve years ago. The initial stages were perhaps the hardest, with much upheaval and unpleasantness, making a move or change of residence almost a minor consideration, in a process fraught with intrigue, jealousy, control issues and financial complexities. The difference between then and now is so enormous, you might believe this process is nearly over, when in fact this year and the next you are approaching its peak.

You may not have thought objectively about the intense times we live in, but with democracy in tatters and the gap between rich and poor looming large, it is just at such moments that you need to feel secure. And this doesn’t only mean physically or materially, but emotionally as well. Where your home life is perfectly adequate, if perhaps a little austere, it is your opportunity to bring some warmth to your situation. This may mean expanding your family, or improving the atmosphere in your home through some eliminative action first, to place matters on a firmer footing. You may move to another neighbourhood: or you might renovate, redecorate, remodel and rebuild. But this year it is time to put down roots and to nurture a support structure, that will guarantee your foundations over the years ahead, when you may not have this luxury.
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