The *SEAGULL* has landed!
An exceptional mini-consultation offer…
  To celebrate and commemorate my return to the City of Brighton and Hove nearly a decade ago, I have consented to raise my cranium above the parapet with this mini-consultation offer. It applies solely to those visiting personally in the Poet’s Corner region of my neighbourhood, located on the south coast of England. You don’t have to live here to enjoy this opportunity: but need to arrive independently under your own steam.
And, what’s all the fuss about?
  Mainly, this is purely a matter of price. You’ll be paying £50 (GBP) for a twenty-minute reading, confirmed in advance using the drop-down menu below. These are end-of-the-pier prices for a face-to-face consultation with a gifted and world-famous astrologer; who enjoys an enormous international following, runs a popular website, was famously visiting lecturer for two different universities and is published in seven languages. You can also optionally have your consultation recorded to MP3 or CD. Just state your preference when you book.
Exactly: where is the catch?
  Actually there isn’t one, but this is a special offer subject to withdrawal without notice. Your twenty minutes will be strictly observed and any overrun billed as another visit. If you require unlimited feedback and a free-form environment, please choose an astro-consultation instead: it’ll work out to your benefit over the longer term. No preparation is anticipated, so given years of experience, I’ll be working live with you and your data. If you are on a budget and want every detail considered beforehand, why not pitch your question for a written reply?
Looks great. What should I do next?
Please select your options for recording: from unrecorded (none), to an MP3 for download later or an audio CD that will get mailed to you shortly afterwards. Click and confirm to make your payment via PayPal or your bank card, then follow the links to return to this website and submit your contact details. I will be in touch soon after these arrive, to schedule an appointment and tell you where we’ll meet. There are no guarantees of a timescale with this deal, but I will be back to you as quickly as I can and we are certain to speak within a very few days.
Select your recording and then go ahead…