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The start of your astrological season sees a percentage of the planets involved in a tense configuration. But don’t imagine this in any way, reflects the nature of your year ahead. The cosmic circumstances are much the same for everybody at around this point, guaranteeing any awkward undercurrents, are not directed towards you alone. Viewed over the longer term this is only a transitory trend, so if parts of late January aren’t the easiest days you’ve encountered, avoid letting yourself become unnecessarily dismayed or downhearted. Remember these difficulties are comparatively brief and looking back, will not stand out in your memory. Focus instead, on how the majority of planets are gathered in the eastern hemisphere of your horoscope, since this in symbolic and instructive terms is a more noteworthy state of affairs.

While this emphasis is especially prominent as your year begins in January, to gain a better overview of the coming twelve months, you must focus on those members of our Solar System orbiting beyond the Asteroid Belt: namely Jupiter through to Pluto inclusive, regardless of astronomers unilaterally declaring that Pluto is now called a dwarf. The outer planets all move more slowly through the zodiac than those nearer to us and closer to the Sun. Their presence in a constellation, denotes an enduring and wholly undeniable influence. This year, these distant bodies for the most part, reflect an identical message throughout the forthcoming period. The eastern horizon of the sky is where the Sun rises. The other planets, give or take some curious disparities and anomalies in polar regions, behave similarly regardless of location.
Archetypally, the eastern division of the heavens links to a sense of selfhood and identity. Conversely, if the emphasis lay towards the western extremes of your chart, you would find others playing a dominant role in your affairs. So the opposite proves true on this occasion, as you affirm you are the master of your own destiny, a scenario that has only gradually and lately become a more realistic proposition. How matters pan out in the milestone years following this one, comes down to the decisions of today. The cosmos hurls you back on to your own devices and allows you the scope to make the utmost of this alignment, which despite your famous ingenuity, independence and obvious flair, takes a little getting used to after the fallout from events that persisted far longer than you dare recall.

Looking back, although you’ve endeavoured to stick with what you started, you have enjoyed little freedom amid a busy timetable, that frequently ran you ragged and caught you unawares, even if your obligations were for the most part, self-imposed and self-inflicted. You receive the welcome and unexpected opportunity to make choices and subsequently implement important resolutions, even though you are still amid the first throes of this developing process. Any alien territory finally grows familiar. It feels precisely, like home.

So this year represents the continuation of a lengthy phase of flux, along with preparing yourself for a different set of circumstances further down the line, over which you can exert a sizeable influence. This follows on from an extended chapter of transformation and metamorphosis, that has in quieter moments even witnessed you wondering, whether in reality you aren’t hankering after stability or a firmer foundation. And it’s true; you are a member of the fixed quadruplicity, a group of signs known for continuity and order. But your archetype is characterised by a love of change and variety, evolution and if shoved hard enough, the doctrine of revolution too.
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Underlying and precipitating these circumstances, is Pluto’s lengthy yet fundamentally cathartic voyage through the sign before yours, which has seen you intensely and extensively, pondering the past. This has not been an indulgent or a sentimental exercise, although it does have an emotionally charged element you are only now becoming capable of reviewing dispassionately, even as somebody who always prizes themselves on their detachment and objectivity. There are lessons you can learn from what has gone down, especially where others played a starring role. Should your hopes have been dashed, certain ambitions thwarted and your faith in other people badly undermined, some might assume this is best forgotten or at least, put behind you. Only burying these hurts instead of healing them, proves counterproductive…

Such issues need to be addressed and you must learn what you can, from all that has occurred: where folk took advantage, sapped your strength, or supplanted your dreams and priorities with what mattered most to them. Perhaps in retrospect, you were far too open, candid and naïve. It might be simpler to brush the dirt under another carpet, but you’ll never genuinely move on with this accumulated detritus. You must renew your ability to trust in people and in the fundamental wisdom, of a benevolent universe that is on your side. This is a point when you’ll be letting go of much you’d considered previously were the mainstays of your existence, with a view to rediscovering a path you strayed from quite a while ago. Whether people in general understand or empathise is largely irrelevant, since you have given away plenty with no thought for yourself; only to discover when you needed any favours returned, the bulk of those who could help out, didn’t pop up on your radar.
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