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The zodiac commences with the sign of Aries, the Sun’s arrival in which signifies the March equinox. Western astrology traces its origins back to ancient Mesopotamia in the Middle East and the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere, that around 89% of people continue to inhabit. So to those who wrote the rule book in the days of antiquity, this moment clearly captured the essence of each new year, set to peak the following summer and end next winter. Even the early Roman calendar put the month of March in first place, curiously beginning with March 1. Thus September, October, November and December were in seventh, eighth, ninth and tenth place respectively, based on their Latinate derivation. January and February were established afterwards by the legendary second king of Rome, Numa: initially to follow rather than precede them.

Hopefully you’ll appreciate the reasons for this diversion fully in a minute, but symbolically it follows those born under the constellation of the Ram, have the reputation for wanting to occupy pole position; in line with their place at the celestial point of origin. Leo, your stellar polarity, also needs to shine and to be recognised for their unique sense of individuality; yet this stems from the location of the Sun their ruler, at the centre of the Solar System: where others bodies demarcate and affirm our small star’s sphere of influence, while simultaneously maintaining the established order. Aries and Leo are two constellations beside yours, that are often spoken about in similar tones when discussing the need for self-expression and self-determination, or realising your full potential and making this life all you’d hope it could be.
No doubt you have friends born under both Aries and Leo, with numerous fond memories of others you’ve known in the past. Much commends a young Sagittarius as the final member of the fire triplicity, yet with maturity an increasingly conventional standpoint grows evident, in line with the opinions they embrace. Still, maybe these ardent and impassioned folk aren’t such a perfect match for you after all, as an ingenious and discerning Gemini for example; or even another Water-Bearer, assuming there is some warmth and passion in the cosmic cornucopia, adding a catalyst to the mix.

In the other fiery instances, a symbiotic relationship is evident; either in terms of followers to lead, or to affirm the extent of your authority. Contrasting with your personal desire for freedom, individuality and to plough your unique furrow, neither Aries nor Leo are at their best when isolated from their acolytes. In principal, you share plenty in common with all the signs mentioned and have probably numbered several born beneath such stars among your colleagues and acquaintances. Nevertheless, in contrast to such torrid compatriots, you belong to the element of air: so are far more thoughtful, objective and detached. Additionally and without any questions, you are a singularly complex and multifaceted character.

Aquarius is the penultimate sign of today’s zodiac and represents to some degree, an amalgam of all those signs that come before it. Broadly, you are distinguished from these also-rans, since you don’t need to lead the way or garner approval in order to carve out and occupy a distinctive niche. You are happy enough just following your heart; with or without the support of your contemporaries, associates, wider society and those around you. Your ruling planet Uranus, lay undiscovered for millennia and is all but invisible to the naked eye. But you’d rather everybody understood your perspective and you are genuinely supportive of those who feel in a similar way.
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Regardless, you find it impossible to ignore your inner promptings, telling you there is more to life than sticking with expectations and the norm. Unsurprisingly, the world has changed since astronomers and mystics gazed at the stars, from the Garden of Eden and the cradle of civilization, situated in what is now the cataclysm and catastrophe of modern Iraq. The asterism of Aquarius is in actuality, the first to kick off each calendar year, even though you are not driven by a wider perception of your place in the big scheme of things, nor the homage you might receive from those who given a chance, would include themselves among your admirers. An alphabetical sort of the zodiac signs, similarly places you at the top: at least if you consider spoken English, Portuguese and Spanish as among the most widespread languages.

Of course, this isn’t news to you: you already knew how far you were ahead of the remainder. Both the calendar and alphabet are man-made constructs, showing the esteem in which your contribution is held. Regarding your year ahead, it is important to put matters into context. Your professional interests are highlighted, with the effort you expend proportionally amplified by the universe. Especially later during the coming year, you are looking for a purpose behind your dedication to a cause; something you can understand on a private and personal level since at least within reason, your own opinions are the primary yardstick. A phase of your life is drawing to a close, so tie up any loose ends and tackle outstanding discrepancies. Come to terms with who you are nowadays and all that has altered. It is exactly the experience you need…
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