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The western zodiac is a narrow band of the sky, extending eight or nine degrees north and south of the ecliptic, or the Sun’s apparent path around the celestial sphere, viewed throughout the year from a geocentric standpoint. Traditionally it comprises twelve zodiac signs; but one or two other constellations also play their part, although these are not included for interpretation. In the face of some notable competition: from Sagittarius for instance, Aries and even Gemini; yours is widely regarded as the sign most inalienably linked with freedom, individuality and change. To some; the prospect of egalitarianism and equal rights for everyone sounds like a recipe for disaster, but then choice and the chance to live free from fear is hard to argue against. Democracy, liberty and humanitarianism have all grown out of such blue-sky thinking…

Historically at times, these imperatives have escalated beyond their intended remit, but then safety and security without further development, is not a sustainable proposition either. Typically, Uranus your ruling planet, was not one of the first five observed by the ancients. Although supposedly visible to the naked eye under perfect circumstances: to those with 20/20 vision on a clear and moonless night when Uranus is opposite the Sun, this planet was officially discovered by William Herschel; a British citizen, from the garden of his town house in Bath, Somerset on March 13, 1781: using a telescope he’d designed himself. Yet contrary to the mythology, this planet had been noted for almost two thousand years beforehand, with a likely heads-up via the star catalogue of one respected astronomer, Hipparchus of Nicaea in 128 BC.
The accepted wisdom among those who’d spotted it beforehand, was that Uranus was simply another star. The number of sightings increased as telescopes became more widespread, but no one until Herschel, put all the pieces of this jigsaw together. Even he initially believed, he had found a nebula or a comet without a tail. In fact, the seventh planet from the Sun turned out to be the third largest, while its name is derived from Ouranos, the sky god of Greek classical mythology. Uranus has an axial tilt of nearly 98 degrees, so is turned right on its side. It has twenty-seven moons and counting, with the largest Titania, at two-thirds the size of Pluto.

In addition to the unique circumstances surrounding its discovery and orbital characteristics, it is important to appreciate how totally the arrival of Uranus upset a system of planetary rulership that had persisted for over 1,500 years. This possessed a certain symmetry that offered a sense of order, in a mysterious and hostile cosmos we now understand to be harsh, violent, chaotic and extreme. Many astrologers active currently, who seem perfectly sane and rational compared to their contemporaries at least, are unwilling to include your ruler in their calculations and predictions, or otherwise to entertain a planet widely known to cover such core features of life nowadays: as aeronautics, nuclear power, space exploration, new technology, the Internet, computers, electricity and astrology itself.

But regardless; despite a personal penchant for the contemporary, unorthodox and state-of-the-art, matching up to your fearsome reputation for unsettling and even upsetting the established order, one part of you will paradoxically still always hanker for the good old days and for everything to stay the same. Since you are also described as a fixed sign: providing your situation is not wholly untenable, where you are uncertain or unsure about your course of action, you will naturally and instinctively stick with what you know.
: aquarius - january 2017/january 2018 :
This isn’t always good for you; but once a tricky situation reaches breaking point, you are off faster than a rabbit from a gunshot. It is not unknown for you to act as a catalyst and push situations towards an impending catharsis, just to release a sense of tension that has built up inside you. The motion of the outer planets including your own ruler, has immeasurably altered your understanding of the world, as part of a process dating back nine years. On a superficial level, this was precipitated by issues focussed on money, property, envy, lust and sharing; with the desire for dominance, power and control lurking microns beneath a plausible veneer. As you became preoccupied with matters that looked one way but were obviously another, you slowly withdrew from your commitments in the outside world, professionally and personally.

Although never a conscious decision nor part of a deliberate process, you have intuitively and subconsciously been required, to unravel numerous complexities that by now are so buried amid the accumulated debris of the passing years, it seems they are a basic part of you. Yet they are not actually a component of your make-up at all, rather an adaptive and conditioned response to an impossible scenario through which you were expected to survive. Probably they originated with circumstances beyond your control, or the malicious and manipulative intentions of those you believed were looking out for you. Most likely, you could point to a combination of both. To some extent you continue to inhabit the wreckage of what occurred. Yet you can feel an improvement is on the way, even if it takes longer than you’d ever have imagined.
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