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Aquarius is the eleventh constellation of the Western zodiac and is symbolised by the Water-Bearer. Astronomically. this constellation is a faint and indistinct collection of stars that wouldn’t be notable without its significance to the zodiac belt. Classical myth associates Aquarius with Ganymede, a mortal prince and the lover of Zeus, who consequently secured gainful employment for himself as the cupbearer of the gods. Previously, this constellation was noted for its prominence during the annual flooding of the Nile, so the Egyptian hieroglyph for water is used by astrologers to identify your sign. In terms of character, it is probably best to consider Aquarius as one big paradox, or more precisely as a series of countless smaller enigmas, loosely strung together with individualism and wrapped in lashings of the unexpected.

This doesn’t mean any part of your personality is more you than any other, simply that in different situations you will display a varied and apparently contrasting range of behaviour. For example, you’re renowned for your progressive views, your dislike of convention, for your libertarian attitude and for your radical perspective. You are known for your originality, for your free spirit, your unique perspective and for your hatred of authority and convention. Yet it isn’t unusual to see the Aquarian husband or father, ruling his household with a firm view of how everybody else’s life should proceed, despite the total unaccountability he expects and demands for himself. Aquarian views are fine in principle and work well on a global scale. Trouble is while you’re saving the world, you may forget that this process really begins at home.
Contrast this too with the Aquarian who spends long hours helping casual acquaintances with their many minor issues, not noticing the slow disintegration of their own close relationships while they busy themselves elsewhere. Or there’s the Aquarian who grudges their useless foreign change to the hotel porter on their way home from vacation, yet probably wouldn’t think twice about paying exorbitant prices for top of the range technology, a few weeks prior to its mainstream release. Contradictions? It is a feature of this sign, so if you plan to hang around, you had better get used to it…

It has been said that Aquarians are ahead of their time. That’s true, but often it’s a rather lonely place out there. Despite your friendly, wacky, humanitarian and egalitarian nature, many Aquarians can on first meeting seem quite formal and aloof. This doesn’t mean that close attachments are impossible, because despite your apparent independence, you are a sociable person and wouldn’t want to be totally on your own. But you’re slow to commit and favour those links that allow you to maintain your extended sense of freedom. Once involved you stick out of duty to failed relationships, that have clearly passed the point of no return. Hopefully you’ll find the right person in time, because then you are loyal and faithful too.

You adore change, but only of your own making. It doesn’t help being ruled by two planets either. Uranus was discovered in 1781 and immediately disrupted a beautifully balanced system of planetary rulerships, described by Ptolemy over 1,600 years before. Prior to this, those born under the Water-Bearer were thought ruled by Saturn, accounting for your occasionally dour nature, detached demeanour and adherence to discipline, albeit around your own singular set of priorities, but which you are still noted for nowadays.
Symbol The Water-Bearer
Ruling planet Uranus
Lucky day Saturday
Lucky colours Electric blue, turquoise
Lucky number Four
Birthstones Amethyst
Metals Uranium, aluminium
Flowers Orchids and daffodils
Trees Beech, laburnum, goldenrain tree
Countries Russia, Sweden, Finland, Iran, Ethiopia
Cities Bremen, Brighton, Hamburg, Helsinki, Moscow, Pisa, Salzburg, St. Petersburg
Best partners Gemini, Libra
Worst partners Taurus, Scorpio
Suddenly though, as is the nature of most important things you do, the rule book was thrown away. Aquarians were finally able to point to the characteristics that make them different from their more saturnine cousins, those born during December and January under the influence of Capricorn. Thus Aquarius brings order, but it is a new order, caused by the sudden and revolutionary overthrow of that which was existing. Things have always been so, since the days when Cronus (Saturn) was driven to emasculate his father Ouranos (Uranus) and to seize the leadership of the gods. Those who have observed the many revolutionary movements that later assume government, will not be surprised by this predictable turn of events, when what started as a breath of fresh air turns into the same sort of establishment order so very quickly.

Although you are modern in your outlook, advanced in your views and innovative in your beliefs, there is always the need for some sense of structure, a pattern and a purpose in your life. Increasingly with the passing years you tone down your inclination to demonstrate outwardly how different you are from the norm. Friends and groups are too important to you, as is the society you come increasingly to realise that you are a part of actually. You will never be an average person, but as you mature, your progressive views are assimilated into the mainstream and a new generation assumes the mantle of changing the world. With technology, computers, astrology and the Internet all under your rulership, you can certainly expect the coming years to prove fruitful for the application of your own uniquely personal talents and abilities…
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