-: the twelve signs :-
-: aries :- aries

(+)  Pioneering, enterprising, adventurous, brave, direct, enthusiastic, active, autonomous.

(–)  Impatient, impulsive, aggressive, temper, rash, egotistical, inconsiderate, selfish.

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(+)  Diplomatic, sociable, refined, harmonious, charming, cultured, agreeable, easygoing.

(–)  Indecisive, gullible, frivolous, changeable, weak, two-faced, argumentative, compromising.

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-: libra :-
-: taurus :- taurus

(+)  Practical, determined, patient, persistent, reliable, dependable, affectionate, cautious.

(–)  Possessive, lazy, inflexible, stubborn, resentful, self-indulgent, boring, greedy.

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(+)  Deep, intense, resolute, powerful, loyal, discerning, intuitive, subtle.

(–)  Jealous, vindictive, vengeful, secretive, suspicious, pitiless, twisted, malicious.

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-: scorpio :-
-: gemini :- gemini

(+)  Versatile, adaptable, lively, intelligent, communicative, spontaneous, witty, busy.

(–)  Anxious, nervous, superficial, unsettled, cunning, irresolute, scattered, inconsistent.

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(+)  Cheerful, optimistic, tolerant, freedom loving, adventurous, philosophical, honest, sincere.

(–)  Tactless, careless, blunt, clumsy, reckless, over the top, untidy, prone to exaggeration.

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-: sagittarius :-
-: cancer :- cancer

(+)  Protective, nurturing, parental, kind, sympathetic, tenacious, thrifty, shrewd.

(–)  Hypersensitive, overemotional, touchy, cowardly, unforgiving, snappy, moody, crabby.

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(+)  Ambitious, assiduous, sensible, constant, conservative, realistic, disciplined, responsible.

(–)  Pessimistic, calculating, miserable,
rigid, strict, stern, inhibited, mean.

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-: capricorn :-
-: leo :- leo

(+)  Magnanimous, generous, noble, chivalrous, dramatic, creative, expansive, wholehearted.

(–)  Pompous, snobbish, conceited, spoilt, obstinate, bombastic, affected, show-off.

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(+)  Progressive, humanitarian, egalitarian, fair, independent, unconventional, friendly, rational.

(–)  Contrary, rebellious, eccentric, cold,
self-willed, erratic, unstable, perverse.

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-: aquarius :-
-: virgo :- virgo

(+)  Analytical, modest, helpful, conscientious, tidy, meticulous, painstaking, diligent.

(–)  Over-analytical, critical, fussy, picky,
tense, uneasy, inhibited, wallflower.

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(+)  Compassionate, caring, charitable, psychic, receptive, idealistic, imaginative, unassuming.

(–)  Impractical, vague, helpless, confused, unreliable, escapist, disorganised, manipulative.

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-: pisces :-