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The Western astrological year commences in the northern hemisphere with the vernal equinox, alternatively known as the first day of spring. Day and night are of equal length and the Sun begins its journey through the constellation of Aries. Symbolised by the Ram, the glyph for this sign can be considered either as a representation of the Ram’s horns, or else as the first shoots of spring pushing bravely through the warming ground. The first association has a wider relevance on a global scale, where spring does not always happen in March, of course…

The constellation of Aries is associated with the cardinal quality and belongs to the element of fire. The cardinal signs aspire collectively towards leadership, initiative, action and achievement. The fire triplicity is also active, energetic and enthusiastic and its members share a similar passion for life and a dynamic approach to the regular round of their everyday affairs. Combining all these features into one sign, makes you somebody who definitely cannot be called reticent, indecisive or half-hearted. Thus if you’re typical you are renowned for your trademark forthright, vigorous and upbeat attitude. You are a straightforward character not noted for your patience, diplomacy, subtlety or tact. You are generally independent, strong willed, confident and decisive and don’t enjoy others interference in your own personal decisions.
Although you may not plan especially well in the longer term, as a typical Aries you’ll be pretty sure what you want from life and about the ways you intend to ensure this all happens before very long. Naturally one or two errors can creep in along the way, since at times the downside of a proactive nature means rash judgements, undue haste, impulsiveness or a lack of forethought will all start messing up your intended outcomes. However, mostly you feel capable of achieving your objectives, don’t wait for the say-so of anybody else and are usually able to get what you want, without requesting much in the way of other people’s assistance, either.

Selfishness and egotism can be dangers where such as a focussed personality is concerned, but fortunately most Aries people aren’t loners. You are naturally competitive and need interpersonal interactions in order to affirm your worth. You seek out all kinds of relationships therefore and, over time, discover the art of compromise. Most Aries people aren’t especially bossy or controlling, even though your assertive and acerbic style of relating can be rather jarring for more sensitive souls. You certainly do like to be in charge, but actually it’s more important to set your own agenda than it is to spend time telling those around you what to do.

If others can make their point clearly, you’ll always respect that person’s right and entitlement to hold an alternative view. It is often said that Aries means a natural leader and while this may be true, it is still important to emphasise the softer skills of communication and diplomacy, so your truly effective leadership skills can fully become apparent. Many Aries subjects are outspoken and not afraid to state their opinions directly, since your competitive nature and desire to win is strong and being ruled by Mars, your feelings always will tend towards the immediate and the urgent. You’re generally candid, frank and ready to live life for every moment then.
Symbol The Ram
Ruling planet Mars
Lucky day Tuesday
Lucky colours All shades of red
Lucky number Nine
Birthstones Ruby, garnet
Metals Iron, steel
Flowers Aloes, chillies, garlic, ginger,
cacti, geraniums, honeysuckle
Trees All thorn bearing trees and shrubs
Countries England, Germany, Denmark, Poland,
Silesia, both Israel and Palestine
Cities Leicester, Florence, Krakow, Naples, Utrecht, Marseilles, Birmingham (UK)
Best partners Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn
Worst partners Cancer
Your emotions sometimes appear quite explosive and you can come out with some extremely biting and provocative comments. You then almost immediately put all this behind you, not understanding why others find it so much harder to do the same. Then your critics would call you arrogant, rude and thoughtless, though your motivations are rarely premeditated or malicious. Coming so early in the zodiac, yours is one of the least complex and most guileless of signs, escaping the intellectual and spiritual baggage that increasingly gets associated with those that come later. You like living to the best of your ability, as actively as you can and without excessive limits. This given, you will be fine.

Needless to say Aries people are at their best acting with a marked degree of self-determination. Being your own boss, or working in an executive position within a large organisation, would suit you well. You prefer a lot of room for making snap judgements and definitely don’t appreciate the prospect of overzealous supervision. A career involving participation at the sharp end, is a good one for you. Surgeons and butchers are linked with Aries because of this association with cutting instruments. The armed forces are synonymous with your sign, as are the many jobs for which it is necessary to wear some kind of uniform. In relationships you are passionate, hot-blooded, ardent and a lover of the chase. You are attentive, gallant and chivalrous in pursuit, but aren’t renowned for your staying power when the conquest is over. It’s advisable for your partner to play a little hard to get, maintaining your ardour at the peak of arousal, once this first rush of passion abates…
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