: aries - your year in the stars :
The beginning of your astrological year sees you entering a crucial phase in your relationship with the cosmos. This mainly covers the way certain influences impact on your personal life: including your material affairs, appreciation of success and how to judge your achievements. Probably this sounds like an enormous deal and you’d be right, but your fondness for a challenge is a defining characteristic, leaving plenty for you to enjoy. You’ll already have some idea of what lies ahead, from the circumstances you encountered last year and during the course of 2018. Foremost amid these developments, is the visit of a diminutive and distant planetoid named Chiron to your region of the sky, an event guaranteed to exert a greater impact than Chiron’s tiny size and extreme remoteness from the solar centre might superficially suggest.

Currently at one of the furthest points of its elliptical orbit, this particular phase of Chiron’s cycle does not conclude until eight years hence. Chiron is an estimated 270 km in diameter, making it a little wider than the island of Jamaica measured lengthwise. On average it orbits between Saturn and Uranus, almost fourteen times further from the Sun than Earth, sometimes closer than Saturn and at others beyond Uranus. Chiron is a newcomer: to the Solar System and astrology especially. It began life as a comet, travelling from the faraway reaches of the Kuiper Belt, before getting locked in an unstable orbit close to where it lies currently. Perhaps it can help combine the traits of its much larger neighbours: helping us to be inventive and innovative like Uranus; while at the same time staying down to earth, practical and realistic.
Chiron enables us to understand where we can express ourselves more fully, within a framework of strict parameters, confines and limitations. Imagine writing a haiku; or a program in well-formed XML, for example. Consider Chiron on a homeopathic level, where mass and proximity do not correlate directly with power or potency. These trends evolve on an inner, personal level that carries adults back to their earliest experiences and childhood environment, to review how a chance remark or hint of disapproval, influenced your outlook for a lifetime to come. A further development coincides with the otherwise rather welcome departure of Uranus from your constellation, marking a pleasing end to the upheaval this planet has often meant to you, since the beginning of the present decade.

Now, the planet of change starts working its magic on your material resources and earned income, meaning it will pay to be prudent where your finances are concerned. Maintain a small reserve and never gamble anything you cannot afford to lose. Certain industries are favoured by this alignment. Any progressive technology for instance: the Internet, telecommunications, software engineering, computer hardware and electricity; astrology too surprisingly, plus a working life that takes you to a number of places, rather than feeling stuck with the same old faces in a tedious and dull routine.

Those working for themselves or ploughing a fresh furrow are also blessed, but financial stability decreases in proportion to the risk you take and the freedom you anticipate. While it is possible to embrace the upside and to make a killing, it is also feasible to come unstuck. Caution and self-reliance are advisable. You will notice then how Chiron and Uranus have troublesome, but also far more productive consequences. Either way, you are better getting used to their effects, since they are in for the long haul and exert a huge effect on your resources and earning ability over years ahead.
: aries - march 2019/march 2020 :
In the context of its classical myth and the friendly centaur after which this body took its name, Chiron has been jointly accepted to represent an element of wounding, but more importantly of healing subsequently. It makes you a wiser and more philosophical individual because of what occurs, with a greater reserve of knowledge and experience you can use to help and heal others confronting congruent or apparently diverse, patterns of cause and effect. The forthcoming period looks likely to embroil you in a number of dilemmas and complicated events, that prove regrettable in their earlier stages. Nonetheless, do be aware the impact of what might appear to be a most unwelcome eventuality at first; can eventually work out favourably in the end, with the benefit of hindsight and over several years, once this transit has run its course.

Obviously, this encompasses an extended period of time and meanwhile, it can prove tough to cultivate an accurate and enduring sense of perspective. The primary battlefields are your finances and working life, as one chapter draws to a close and the rewards you take away from this, may not necessarily be enumerable in concrete terms. As is so often true on both a natural and karmic level, what you reap is what you sow. Where you have taken liberties and short-cuts, these become more obvious than ever. Where you have lived up to your responsibilities or have real intentions of doing so, the potential exists for you to carve a niche out for yourself. And when you have taken a short-term or even selfish view instead, this is the point where all but the most gullible around you, get an inkling of what your prior motives were actually about.
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