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Cancer is the fourth sign of the Western zodiac. It is the second member of the cardinal quality and the first sign belonging to the water element. In the northern hemisphere the Sun enters Cancer at the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. In the southern hemisphere, the situation is the opposite and the Sun’s entry into Cancer marks the shortest amount of daylight. Astronomically speaking this constellation is not especially remarkable, because it is small, indistinct and relatively faint. Likewise, the Crab played a low-key role in classical mythology. Cancer was first linked by the ancient Egyptians with the scarab or dung-beetle, but was later associated by the Greeks with the giant crab that nipped at the heels of Heracles, thus prolonging the course of his monumental battle with the monstrous Hydra.

When this crab was ultimately crushed beneath the feet of Heracles, the animal’s bravery was commended by Hera, who as the wife of Zeus placed its image forever in the night sky. The understated nature of Cancer’s astronomical and mythological background is rather a good introduction to your character, since you probably aren’t the showiest of people either. Members of your sign are typically shy and receptive, and find greater fulfilment in your private life, your domestic situation and closest personal relationships than through any amount of public approbation. Some Cancers have likened themselves to hermit crabs, although in ideal circumstances most would prefer not to live alone.
In common with the other members of the water element, you are emotional and often find yourself wounded by the vagaries of an everyday existence. Thus in keeping with the symbolism of your celestial representative, you keep your feelings hidden beneath a tough outer shell, at least until you get to know someone very well. This defence mechanism serves as an effective barrier against life’s more abrasive edges, but nonetheless as a water sign the urge to merge on a fundamental level is particularly strong, so in most instances sooner or later your defences are going to be let down. Uppermost on your agenda is the need for a stable home and family, which usually can’t happen so effectively without the input of somebody else. Although some members of your sign stay single, some choose not to have children, others become carers of their parents for instance or make the decision to concentrate on their careers, it is generally true that without a family unit of your own, a typical Cancer will always feel something is missing, even to the extent of feeling lonely, wanting, incomplete and unfulfilled.

Early in life there is a strong attachment to the childhood home and to your parents, with the maternal influence often proving the most powerful and influential relationship of all. Although it would be rare indeed for this relationship to be completely without its difficulties, it is always one that manifests a lasting effect on your development and frequently becomes a major point of reference into the future.

While a stable upbringing can go a long way towards providing the secure domestic environment that’s so totally essential for your happiness, in adulthood you should aim for the furtherance of your own domestic aspirations too. Typically your outlook is conservative and traditional, so for most this means that issues of marriage and of children will enter the picture rather quickly. It takes plenty of time for you to trust fully, but once you do the quantity of care, love and concern with which you’ll shower those around you is remarkable.
Symbol The Crab
Ruling planet Moon
Lucky day Monday
Lucky colours White, silver, smoky grey, silvery blue
and many different shades of green
Lucky numbers Two, seven
Birthstones Moonstone, pearl
Metals Silver
Flowers All white flowers - white roses, lilies,
water lilies, convolvulus, acanthus
Trees White willow, silver willow
Countries USA, Scotland, New Zealand, Rwanda
Burundi, Paraguay, the Netherlands
Cities Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, York,
New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, Venice
Best partners Pisces, Scorpio, Capricorn
Worst partners Aries, Libra
Looking after things comes naturally to you and it’s one of your sign’s greatest and most characteristic assets. Whether as a parent, at work or in the garden, looking after children, older people, your steady partner, friends, animals or plants, you simply love helping others to feel safe and to realise their full potential. Although sometimes when the time arrives you find it harder letting go, there is no other sign that really nurtures so completely. You are nostalgic and sentimental and so you’ll always remember a good deed, but if anyone betrays your trust then they’re in trouble and usually it will prove impossible to re-establish your association on a similar level. Only in the rarest of circumstances will true confidence ever be restored in those who have distressed you deeply. Once hurt the Crab’s famous claws come prominently to the fore. When self-defence is no longer sufficient option, you are capable of metaphorically delivering some painful retaliatory consequences.

On a good day, the typical Crab is the kindest and most caring individual that you’ll ever meet. You’ll listen to people’s troubles, sympathise when they are down, feed them and look after them when they’ve nowhere else to turn. Conversely on a bad day you can be moody, cranky, irritable and bad-tempered, with a sharp tongue and an awkward, sulky and intransigent demeanour. The rulership of your sign by the waxing and waning Moon ensures that no two days are ever the same. While a constructive outcome is usually the more likely, whenever you’re hungry, tired or rundown, or it’s just the wrong moment or the wrong time of day, the flip side of this equation is never very far away...
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