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Your astrological year starts at the June solstice, which this year hits a happy medium, but can occur anywhere between June 20-22. All over the world, the Sun seems to stand still for a few days, in terms of where for reference, it has risen and set beforehand. The Sun reaches its most northerly declination, or distance above the celestial equator, meaning the Earth’s own equator extended to space. This correlates with the longest days in the Northern Hemisphere: so where most modern astrology has its roots, it is frequently termed the summer solstice. However, these are the shortest days for those in the Southern Hemisphere and match with midwinter, for folk in the Antipodes. Though the Sun moves north and south of its centre line in the tropics; the impact on daylight and the weather is far more pronounced, in colder climes.

Taken to extremes, scientists overwintering at the South Pole and who saw the sunset on March 23, are looking forward to its reappearance on September 21. A world away, the thriving community of Longyearbyen in the High Arctic archipelago of Svalbard, are enjoying a day that began at sunrise on April 19 and doesn’t end until sunset, August 25. So, whichever way you look at it and wherever you are located, the cosmic circumstances around your birthday mark a turning point. One particular cycle has gone so far as it can. You are now best employed thinking through the consequences; what these mean and you can learn from your experiences. Others might be pondering what the last six months have taught you and how such insights, can further and colour your everyday affairs in a rather more obvious and productive fashion.
But it takes insight to discern the nature of these trends. Perhaps more problematically, you will also need to consider them from the most detached and objective standpoint you can muster. Cold logic and reason were never strong suits: you are emotionally driven by the tides; plus the waxing and waning cycles of your ruler, the inconstant Moon. For all those born under the constellation of the Crab; your year begins on a hectic and even frantic note. The Sun, Mercury and Mars are all in your sign: contributing to a steady influx of events, rather contrary to your penchant for procrastination and a sidelong trajectory, classically characterised as subtle and oblique.

Rather like the aquatic or occasionally terrestrial crustacean that is your namesake: as it dawns, this year appears to be all about you. And it is true; the way the Solar System looks to be aligned has a distinctly personal significance. Over the coming twelve months, you’ll endeavour to pinpoint and quantify, exactly what you are expecting from the material universe and how your goals and aspirations need to alter and adapt, in order to match these revised and updated objectives, the most precisely. But it’s important to recognise as a major part of this process, you’ll find other people playing a more influential role than you have come to expect of late.

In the first place, these appear to be purely personal matters. But given time you’ll come to appreciate that the only way to resolve them is through a close interaction with those you safeguard. Yet surprisingly perhaps, by and large this is a reassuring and supportive trend, suggesting a welcome growth experience and an enlightening learning curve. In short, there is no need to worry about the fallout, since a lighter tone prevails, particularly from the beginning of December and throughout the months that follow. In some ways your horizons are determined by the company you keep, so those from diverse cultural heritages play a formative role.
: cancer - june 2019/june 2020 :
You find yourself drawn instinctively to those you believe can teach you something, about your true place in the universe and via interaction with those closest to you. This may form part of a formalised teacher and student association, or a spiritual guide and pupil perhaps; but there is greater likelihood the nature of such contacts is more informal, even if you do not wholly grasp what has happened until much later. It is depressingly unmistakeable that much of 2019 is going to be a tough and unremitting slog, with the demands of your working life and other responsibilities, sometimes causing you to doubt if you are equal to the challenge, whether physically or intellectually. Whereas in the past there were many you could count on for emotional support, over time this has been whittled down to a handful or even fewer individuals.

Still: while those that remain have their own issues, you are ready to trust them wholeheartedly and to the best of their ability, they won’t let you down. Plus, referring back to the vein in which we started, a number of factors are now set to change. For a start, certain setbacks at work and obstacles to what you were hoping to achieve, seem gradually to turn out in your favour, possibly in quite an unexpected or convoluted manner. But the biggest news of all is really saved for last. Life becomes easier, your health improves and where relationships have been such a chore, you come to appreciate exactly why you have persevered. From December, Jupiter moves into your relationship zone and from March, Saturn signals more commitment. You put unhappy links behind you, while unattached Cancerians even tie the knot…
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