-: the ten planets :-
-: sun :- sun
The Sun symbolises your essential character, your ego and your sense of self, the characteristics that you manifest consciously and how you will go about being yourself. Its placing defines personality traits for which you are glad to seek recognition and the main areas in which your attention tends to focus.
The Moon rules your feelings and emotions, your habit patterns, underlying temperament, any behaviour that is instinctive, conditioned and inherited, also how you respond in an emergency when you don't have time to think. Its placing illustrates on a fundamental level, what it is that you really need from your life.
-: moon :-
-: mercury :-
Mercury denotes your rational mind, what you think about and how you communicate, whether through speech, in writing or via other more subtle means. This planet shows your logical side, represents your thought processes and links with skill, intelligence, dexterity, aptitude and the learning process.

Venus indicates your attitude towards relationships, your love nature and your power to attract. It outlines what you find loveable in others and the ways you might demonstrate your real affections. Venus is connected with money, comfort and pleasure, your value system and aesthetic sensibilities.
-: venus :-
-: mars :- mars
Mars highlights drive, energy, your wants and desires, initiative, leadership, physical activity, assertion, aggression, war, combat and your sex drive. This planet illustrates how conflict happens and why. Since Mars rules physical urges, it also plays a big role in your sexual preferences, predilections and performance.
Jupiter signifies abundance, expansion, good fortune, success and all kinds of positive experiences. It helps with the development of a deeper personal happiness, tolerance and understanding as well as bringing luck and material benefits your way. The downside revolves around a tendency towards excess.
-: jupiter :-
-: saturn :- saturn
Saturn pinpoints where you will mainly need some structure and organisation. Problems, frustrations, duties and responsibilities all eventually foster increased patience, maturity, wisdom, knowledge and discipline. Saturn governs the super-ego and the impact of any formative paternal influence during adulthood.
Uranus governs freedom and individuality. It generally means surprise, originality, anything new, unique and unusual. You can expect the unexpected where it is positioned, together with a need for liberty and self-determination. Uranus is connected with astrology, all new technologies, the Internet and computers too.
-: uranus :-
-: neptune :- neptune
Neptune rules the amorphous and the intangible, including spirituality, mysticism, your charitable impulses and intuition, but also delusion and unreality, perhaps even deceit. Found where you are most sensitive, imaginative and idealistic, but also where you are too hopeful and maybe disappointed later.
Pluto is mostly linked with regeneration and transformation, with major changes that are ponderously slow, but ultimately very final. Its effects are subtle and gradual, but invariably unstoppable and complete in the end. Pluto suggests where you will always be evolving, but also where you can find control issues…
-: pluto :-