-: the twelve houses :-
-: first house :- first house
Shows how you appear at first meeting, your outer personality, how you project yourself, the ways you relate to your environment and how you interact with the world. It is the first factor that others notice about you and is the filter through which you perceive everything.
seventh house
Rules marriage, partnerships and one-to-one relationships of many different types and on an emotional, professional or social basis, for better or much less so. This house rules your adversaries, enemies and competitors, since these are equally significant contacts after all.
-: seventh house :-
-: second house :- second house
Shows your financial and material affairs, your earning potential and the work you enjoy. Governs possessions of all kinds, your worldly resources and how you feel about these. This house details the things you value whatever makes you feel safest and secure.
eighth house
Governs shared resources of all descriptions, including finances, possessions and values. Ruling business affairs, inheritance, taxation and loans, this house is very complex. It also links to spirituality, birth, death and rebirth and to major endings and beginnings of all kinds.
-: eighth house :-
-: third house :- third house
Relates to your mind, to rational thought, to intelligence and your ability to communicate. This house governs early schooling, essential education and rules the written and spoken word. It also covers your siblings, immediate neighbourhood and short, regular journeys.
ninth house
Outlines your religious or philosophical belief system. Includes further and higher education, mental exploration, long distance travel and a range of "foreigners", those different from you in terms of their nationality, race and age or who come from a totally different background.
-: ninth house :-
-: fourth house :- fourth house
Governs your private and personal affairs, your immediate family, your mother or any other maternal influence, your early childhood environment, your current and also your perfect domestic situation, plus your deepest emotional needs, reflected in your home life.
tenth house
Relates to the public sphere and so often connected with your career and professional goals, this house also indicates your aims, ambitions and aspirations generally. Public success or failure is traditionally shown here and the main impact of your own father figure.
-: tenth house :-
-: fifth house :- fifth house
This is definitely the house of fun. It suggests everything you do for pleasure and not just because you feel obliged. It rules recreation, romance, pets, children, hobbies, gambling, amusement, sport, speculation and holidays. The sense of creativity itself, shows up here.
eleventh house
Rules your friends and acquaintances, the groups to which you belong and also your hopes and wishes. The latter are distinct from the objectives and goals of the tenth house. For example, you might aim to be rich or hope to be happy, a subtle yet important difference.
-: eleventh house :-
-: sixth house :- sixth house
Governs health, work and the whole concept of service, defined as those things you must do to help others. It also rules your day-to-day routines, your responsibilities, obligations and duties both within your formal employment or any regular and mundane activities otherwise.
twelfth house
Reveals your subconscious and all things hidden and hard to explain logically, like your dreams, intuition, time spent in meditation and many spiritual concepts. Look out for hidden drives, withdrawal, secret desires, escapism and subconsciously motivated behaviours too.
-: twelfth house :-