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Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the Western zodiac and is symbolised by the Archer. The stars of your constellation are not especially bright, but typically for an ebullient and larger than life person like you, Sagittarius does enjoy the unique distinction of containing the centre of our galaxy at the moment. The centaur is also associated with your sign, marking a connection stretching back to the classical myths of ancient Greece and Rome. Rather like this fabled creature and its mixed half human and half horse form, your personality has two complementary elements, a situation originating not just within the mutable quality you come under, but also from the power of your ruling planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is the largest planet within our solar system and is second in size only to the Sun. Jupiter exerts a positive and a beneficial influence on your moods and behaviour, manifesting through your inherent optimism and characteristic good humour, but also confering a philosophical inclination, a deep-seated curiosity and the burning desire to learn more about the world you inhabit. Your interest in great schools of thought and in the ideas that have shaped modern thinking relates both to your higher mind and to continuing study as a consequence. This is the human side of the centaur at work, believing it can rise above its less thoughtful and sophisticated starting point.
At the same time the animal basis of your symbol ensures you always retain a solid footing in the real world, with quite a down to earth emphasis, yet still the ability to soar unscathed over all but the most insurmountable of obstacles. In the interests of stretching your four metaphorical legs and broadening your outlook too, most Sagittarians love to travel, which can mean anything from a lively predeliction for regular vacations in faraway places, right through to the exploration of uncharted lands. Underneath, your motivation remains largely the same though. You journey not for relaxation or for escape, but in pursuit of wisdom and enlightenment. It is the voyage you enjoy the most, because you’ll find once you’ve arrived boredom often creeping in, accompanied very soon afterwards by those tempting thoughts of yet more pastures new, all over again…

You’re thus much more likely to journey in the interests of soaking up the local atmosphere and traditions, unearthing something new about a location, rather than simply lying on the beach or propping up the hotel bar as many people would. In fact, you are probably equally adept at both these activities to be honest, but the learning outcomes always will remain as your primary motivation. Besides, remembering your fondness for wide open spaces, you could decide that a break in the countryside or a walking, riding or cycling holiday suits you better than that standard fortnight beside the sea.

In addition you share an affinity with those from different societies and cultures, finding that intriguing social differences help to keep your relationships alive. As you discover more about people from other backgrounds for instance, you broaden your insight into your own condition as well. Since expanding your mind and increasing your range of experience is what you adore, your penchant for travel is accompanied by a drive to extend your intellectual horizons, developing your knowledge and understanding at the same time.
Symbol The Archer
Ruling planet Jupiter
Lucky day Thursday
Lucky colours Dark blue, violet, purple
Lucky number Three
Birthstones Topaz
Metals Tin, pewter
Flowers Asparagus, pinks, dock, carnations, dandelions - thought weeds by some
Trees Birch, lime, chestnut, oak
Countries Australia, Hungary, Chile, Singapore,
Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain
Cities Budapest, Naples, Toronto, Sheffield, Sunderland, Nottingham, Stuttgart
Best partners Aries, Leo
Worst partners Virgo, Pisces
Again this can cover a broad spectrum of activities, including everything from reading widely and watching informative documentaries on television, through to the active pursuit of further and higher education at college or university in a post-compulsory scenario. As the natural ruler of the ninth house your sign is connected with philosophy, politics, religion and the law. All Sagittarians love books and are endlessly fascinated by great thinkers and influential ideas. So amid this earnest and worthy erudition, how come your popular reputation as the clown of the zodiac, the amiable and insanely optimistic chancer who gambles their last penny, wins a car, overtakes three other vehicles on a hairpin bend and is home in time for tea? Truth is that it’s just your equine extraction again. You’ll have heard of the term, horsing around?

When everything is said and done, Jupiter ensures you aren’t going to let life grind you down either. You have an affirmative attitude, greet obstacles as opportunities and only in extreme circumstances allow yourself to become miserable for long. No matter how conditions seem to undermine your exalted ideals, you acknowledge you have grown and must let others do the same. Overall you are best described as cheerful, enthusiastic, proactive, positive, tolerant and very liberal. You may concentrate mainly on the big issues, but you just can’t abide anything you’d consider to be trifling or small-minded. You leave it to lesser mortals then, where any pickiness or criticism is concerned…
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