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Jupiter leaves your sign on December 2, after thirteen months in this region of the sky. About a year is more usual, so you’ve been fortunate, as befits the constellation Jupiter is considered to govern and with which it is most closely linked. The brightest known planet after Venus and most massive in our Solar System bar the Sun; Jupiter symbolises expansion, good fortune, luck, success and growth. It is also linked with wisdom, education in a formal sense, learning generally; philosophy, religious affairs, publishing and travel. Since Jupiter lies beyond the Asteroid Belt and has a lengthy orbit around the Sun, it only visits a single sector of the heavens once in a dozen years. To offer some perspective, its previous sojourn was during 2006/7: when coincidentally, the first iPhone sold. Look at how long ago, this seems to be today.

So Jupiter won’t be back in your celestial neighbourhood again, until October 2030. However, during the coming twelve months you will be laying the groundwork for a fresh cycle, as this planet brings its favourable auspices to bear until then, on every area of your life in turn. Firstly though, Jupiter’s visit continues throughout November 2019 and you’d be remiss not taking utmost advantage. So other regions of the globe might figure more prominently than usual, whether this means visiting them in person or dealing with people who hail from foreign climes, or even with their origins in a different age group. You can expect these experiences to be overwhelming positive and it is wise to encourage Jovian associations wherever you are able. Providing you prepare properly, this is a good time to sit examinations or take a cautious gamble.
There is a downside to Jupiter of course, but as you might expect this does not approach the fearsome fallout of harsher influences. The worst side of this planet is really just a toxic amplification of its famous benefits: so with awareness, you can strive to ensure the pluses prevail. Nevertheless, excessive travelling across far too many time zones leaves you jet-lagged and exhausted. Religious strictures that were intended to be useful guidelines can become a limitation, if improperly or overzealously applied. Unbroken study is counterproductive and may even hinder your recall. Once Jupiter lands in your money zone, it is wise to remember these examples.

Towards the end of 2019 and for the bulk of 2020, Jupiter highlights a segment of your horoscope governing your financial affairs and overall relationship to the material universe. This is a sector of heavens that has seen many changes, ever since Pluto first arrived there, back in 2008. This may sound like simply aeons ago, but the motion of this far-off planetoid makes even Jupiter seem swift. And there are still another five years of its visit left to run, depending on how you count things. Pluto transforms and regenerates whatever it touches: while its impact was notably the toughest in its early stages; often with an unsettling phase of breakdown and collapse.

The more firmly you held on to the old order, the more insistent Pluto needed to become about the importance of addressing these issues. Almost everything pertaining to your income and fiscal welfare has been put to the test, while in the end only the outworn and outmoded was removed from your sphere of influence. Also, since the closing days of 2017, Saturn has entered the picture. This is a consolidating and stabilising influence, that ultimately puts all money matters and your earning ability in particular, on a firmer footing. Unfortunately, its tactics involve scarcity and shortfall, so you’ve reorganised and restructured in an array of for instances.
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Thus from December, Jupiter joins Saturn and Pluto to emphasise your monetary interests still further. After the challenges of the last few years this is welcome news, as it helps to affirm those changes that so far, have not always been straightforward. Especially when Saturn leaves briefly for Aquarius from the March equinox until early July, you can expect lucrative opportunities to bolster your financial prospects, building on the changes you have made so far and that up until this point have shown limited results. Jupiter suggests the forthcoming period sees your earnings and your income increase, although this planet encourages the free flow of resources, therefore in one hand and out the other with equal alacrity. You will finish the year with more of what you value, although this doesn’t necessarily mean cash in the bank.

Yet where money is concerned, this proves to be your best year in a while. Remember, the negatives of Jupiter are just this planet’s upside exaggerated, so don’t be tempted into silly risks and avoid waste or profligacy. On a different tack, a lunar eclipse in your sign on June 5 is so minor, almost nobody is going to catch it. Nevertheless, its impact is far greater as it highlights your relationships and the whole issue of sharing on equal terms: whether this means your body or your business account. Venus turns retrograde in your opposite sign during May and June, spending over four months in this sector of the firmament. Almost coincidentally, Mars resides for over six months in Aries and boosts your romantic prospects. You’ll appreciate the security that accompanies increased prosperity. This is a healthy sign for your love life.
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