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Virgo is the sixth constellation of the Western zodiac and is represented by the Maiden. Mythologically, Virgo has been associated with the goddess of justice, since the adjoining constellation of Libra seems to represent her scales, but more frequently is linked with Demeter, the Greek goddess of nature, crops and the harvest. The principal star in the constellation of Virgo is called Spica, one of the brightest stars overall and representing the ear of grain that Demeter holds in her hand. Astrologically, Virgo rules the sixth house, a part of the horoscope linked with health, making a topic that is always of interest to anyone born during this period. This doesn’t mean you’ll suffer particularly from problems here, but it does imply a pronounced awareness of the need to support and maintain your body’s smooth and effective functioning.

Many Virgos pay a lot of attention to what they eat then, with a significant number following some sort of dietary guidelines. Virgo rules the intestines, so there is often a sensitivity to certain kinds of foods, especially during times of stress. Anxiety is a perennial issue and something you must cope with regularly, so there is constantly a perception of the need to be careful. Some of you are vegetarian, observe special restrictions because of food intolerances, or just seek balance from as wholesome a diet as you can muster. You like natural and unpretentious choices, so favour fresh and raw food that is preferably organic. You would rather your meals weren’t processed too much…
You’re also aware of how much exercise counts when it comes to maintaining perfect condition. Some of you enjoy sports, but the majority read around the subject of fitness initially and then, with your usual interest in being as organised as possible, you schedule the minimum activity required to achieve whatever outcomes you’re aiming towards. You have a gift for detail and a special insight into what makes intricate systems like those within your body operate at peak efficiency. You’re usually busy and active so this in turn, is another factor that helps keep you slim and toned.

Work is also typically connected with your sign, so to praise you as hard working is certainly not far from the truth. You’re definitely not known for sitting around and while work is connected with all of the earth signs, what is being described differs slightly in each instance. Taurus governs paid employment, financial reward and what you bring home for your efforts, the money side. Capricorn rules a person’s career ambitions, their reputation and their hopes and objectives for the longer term, the public face. Virgo is most connected with the everyday grind, with the daily minutiae of your regular employment, the atmosphere that exists in your working environment, plus the nature and quality of your relationships with colleagues, clients, co-workers and any employees that you have.

Unless you are a Virgo, all this probably doesn’t sound too exciting, but it does make you reliable and trustworthy where regular routine tasks are concerned. You always seem to have plenty to do, whether within the sphere of regular employment or aside from it, while addressing the various general duties, obligations, chores and responsibilities that go to make up every day for you. Members of your sign are often described as being tidy, organised and clean, so while this doesn’t invariably apply in every single instance, it is likely that a big part of your time will be taken up with routine tasks such as washing, cleaning and tidying up your house and garden.
Symbol The Maiden
Ruling planet Mercury
Lucky day Wednesday
Lucky colours Fawn, beige, mushroom, brown,
muted yellows, blues and greens
Lucky number Five
Birthstones Sardonyx
Metals Mercury
Flowers Narcissus, all small bright flowers, especially in blue and yellow
Trees Tea tree, nut trees in general
Countries Brazil, Greece, Crete, Turkey, Uruguay,
Luxembourg, New England, West Indies
Cities Athens, Paris, Boston, Toulouse, Lyon,
Jerusalem, all health resorts and spas
Best partners Taurus, Capricorn
Worst partners Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius
In most cases an honest pleasure is derived from these efforts, so while it may not do it for everybody, it’s good for you and that’s all you need to know. In addition you’re a helpful person and are not the type to shrink when asked for assistance. You frequently offer your input unprompted whenever you think it could be needed and there is a problem to be solved. You love helping out, since this affirms your position and sense of self-worth, giving you a purpose to your day. Your assistance is usually received gratefully and you give it selflessly, but you are always pleased when the recipient makes some effort to help themselves as a consequence. Other times, despite your legitimate intentions, your offer is taken as unwarranted interference, just lending credence to the idea that Virgos are nitpicking and liable to criticise.

In such circumstances others could usefully remind themselves that you are actually the most critical of yourself. The flaws you perceive in your own character are very obvious to you and you think, far too numerous to bother mentioning them to anybody else. Above all, you are typically modest, quiet and unassuming. You possess an enviable patience with complex and detailed issues, so without your attention, much of today’s world would soon be grinding to a shuddering halt. Minus the benefit of your often undervalued contribution, the zodiac would certainly be a less well-organised place. It’s a shame people often don’t applaud your efforts, or what you do, like they should then…
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