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For the majority of this year, the celestial action emphasises the right-hand hemisphere of your birthchart: assuming a typically 2-D view of our 3-D universe. This implies a focus on the western side of your sky, where the Sun and the visible planets characteristically set and thereafter vanish from view. Symbolically, this means other people: so you can expect the folk around you to play an important role in proceedings during the year ahead. Yet the overall picture is more complex, since your own personal development is a crucial factor. There are notable junctures throughout the coming twelve months, that more of less diametrically contradict these long-term trends. For example, as your astrological year unfolds: a stellium of planets in your sign cuts right to the chase. It vividly depicts an ongoing scenario…

Once the Sun arrives in your constellation, either on your birthday or within a few weeks at most; it meets Venus and Mars already on point, swiftly followed by Mercury and then the second new moon of August. This makes for a significant gathering of the luminaries and personal planets in your region of the sky: glowering at an accumulated and enduring array of distant bodies from beyond the asteroid belt, collectively populating the opposite sector of the heavens. Venus and Mars are closely linked with relationships, since Venus signifies love and Mars means passion, often combined with a certain amount of irritation and annoyance. In a nutshell, such junctures see you unwilling to compromise and ready to take few, if any prisoners: particularly where differences of opinion or disagreements are concerned.
You are tired of existing circumstances and know things are not the way they ought to be. How to rectify this position and address this imbalance, is a major preoccupation over your coming solar cycle. It can be problematic to decide, when you should put your own needs first and how assertive you’re right to be, promoting an alternative. This can lead to a sort of misdirected anger, that shows itself inappropriately. For instance, rather than stating your case and starting the search for a resolution, you might struggle to maintain a superficial harmony beyond the limits of endurance.

Ultimately this will manifest as a physical outcome, in the form of an illness that is hard to diagnose or treat. Subconsciously, you may be punishing yourself for feeling the way you do and this can easily result in more overt consequences. Either way, it is you who suffers, rather than liberating yourself from the sources of your pain. The western side of your horoscope relates to those around you, while your own sign and the eastern region of your chart in general, primarily pertains to you. With a potent collection of planets on one side of the firmament, versus an equally influential but more persistent gathering on the other; you are bound to be encountering dilemmas, between you own needs and those of other people. A dichotomy prevails between the demands of those closest to you, or what you believe they want and expect from you: versus your own requirements and desires.

This is most immediately obvious during late August and around your birthday, but remains an underlying force throughout your entire year. The outer planets move extremely slowly, due to their distance from the Sun and how far they travel with every orbit. A variety of associations and a whole range of relationships are potentially involved. Let’s take a namecheck, on a non-exclusive selection. Pursue them in a context of any current circumstances.
: virgo - august 2019/august 2020 :
Firstly, there is your family: parents, any youngsters, your romantic partner or spouse. Secondly, there are your colleagues and co-workers; competitors, adversaries and enemies; professionals you ask for advice and those you depend on personally or financially. This includes commercial or government agencies involved in your affairs: loans, legacies, credit; investment, insurance; taxation, pensions and welfare. Also highlighted, will be one or more individuals from a different background: race, religion, culture, age group or nationality with whom you are connected; either emotionally or professionally. Such contacts are unsettling and disruptive at times, but they show you a different side of life and let’s face it, this has never been boring. Although a source of upheaval: it can work to your advantage, when all is said and done.

But fundamentally this year you need to express yourself. Have fun; indulge your creativity, compete constructively and enjoy yourself, even on the job. Spend time with animals, children and young people, you will enjoy their guileless angle on the world. If you were considering expanding your family and domestic circle, December onward is definitely opportune. Otherwise, relax: play sport, cultivate romance and take a calculated risk. Wedded bliss is certainly possible whether formalised or not, but don’t put people on a pedestal when all the evidence shows otherwise. You have the strength to walk away from troubled contacts and forge better ones, but this is not going to happen until you leave the past behind. Relationships founded in reality and love, flourish. You do not have a remit for saving anybody else.
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