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Scorpio is the eighth constellation of the Western zodiac and is symbolised by the Scorpion. The stories regarding this mythological association are many and varied. One tale tells how Juno, the wife of Jupiter, sent the Scorpion to do battle with Orion after the hunter grew intoxicated with his own abilities and boasted of his superiority to all living things. Some versions have Orion dying after being stung by the Scorpion, while others see him fleeing in ignominious defeat to a faraway land. Fittingly, the constellation of Scorpio lies opposite from that of Orion in the night sky or roughly as distant as possible, so as Scorpio rises from the east, Orion vanishes still retreating over in the west.

Scorpio is probably the easiest zodiac constellation to observe, since it is clearly defined and actually looks like the mythological creature that it’s supposed to represent. Its curved tail is visible from locations throughout the southern hemisphere and as far north as the Mediterranean. Beyond that in the UK for example, we only catch a glimpse of the Scorpion’s head, peering defiantly over the horizon. Regardless, this sign has built up a fearsome reputation in astrological circles. With your impassioned, uncompromising and no-nonsense nature, there can be few ambivalent feelings where you are concerned. Most will either love you or hate you, with little room in between. A Scorpio makes the best of friends and the worst of enemies, but what lies at the heart of such a complex and potentially extreme individual?
Scorpio belongs to the water element. Your feelings are profound and intense, you are extremely perceptive and have excellent intuition. Typically you keep yourself to yourself, cultivating an implacable exterior and a sparing but incisive vocabulary. Actually you’re not quite so good at hiding your feelings as you would like to think, since your intensity is clearly apparent to anyone who takes more than a passing interest, but there aren’t many who will get further with your underlying motivations unless you allow them your permission. Even when more forthcoming astrological influences lead to greater openness than would typically be the case, secrecy and privacy will always be two of your major obsessions. Those permitted entry into your inner sanctum, either in terms of your feelings and emotions or even your physical living space, will be selected with extraordinary care and only number a privileged few.

In nature, the scorpion hides under rocks during the day, waiting patiently for darkness and for the force of the Sun to be spent. In the cool and seclusion of the night, it then emerges to prey upon the weak, the defenceless and the unsuspecting. Likewise, Scorpios pursue their chosen aims in private, away from the curious and prying gaze of others. Your focus is unswerving, your dedication is steely and your determination is unbending. Virtually nothing can dissuade you from your chosen course of action. Scorpio is a fixed sign, so while you will undoubtedly change your own mind many times, nothing and nobody can force you if that isn’t what you want.

In keeping with the realms of the mysterious and the hidden, Scorpios are fascinated by life’s unsolved mysteries and are drawn towards the occult. You’re an exceptional judge of human nature and have a gift for uncovering the secret dreams and desires of those with whom you’re dealing. You mainly keep this knowledge to yourself however, just in case you happen to need it in the future.
Symbol The Scorpion
Ruling planet Pluto
Lucky day Tuesday
Lucky colours Deep red, maroon, burgundy, brown
Lucky number Nine
Birthstones Opal, bloodstone
Metals Plutonium
Flowers All dark red flowers - especially rhododendrons and geraniums
Trees Blackthorn, bushy trees with thorns
Countries Bavaria, Norway, Morocco, Syria,
Queensland, Korea, Transvaal
Cities Baltimore, Cincinnati, New Orleans, Liverpool, Newcastle, Washington DC
Best partners Taurus, Cancer, Pisces
Worst partners Gemini, Leo, Aquarius
In common with the other water signs you are extremely sensitive, but you prefer attacking as your favourite means of defence. Since you have already worked out the primary weakness of any adversary well beforehand, you are able to strike immediately and with absolute precision, just where it hurts. Socially, you are an introvert and have a few good friends, rather than a wide circle of more superficial acquaintances. You’re a loyal, dependable and faithful companion who can always be relied on in a crisis. You are passionate by nature and approach everything with a characteristic intensity. Anything that doesn’t grab your full attention simply isn’t worth doing so far as you are concerned. Your focus and fervour reach their most potent expression in your relationships, so while many Scorpios aren’t really the sex maniacs they’re painted, in a committed connection with depth as the key, the physical side of your union remains a significant component.

When things do go wrong in your relationships, it is not unusual to witness the less admirable side of the Scorpion’s nature. Jealousy, control issues, possessiveness and revenge then all feature prominently, with some complex and ultimately destructive scenarios regularly seeming to arise. As with many alive today, the journey of a Scorpio is to develop those characteristics for which you are justly admired, while trying to minimise certain traits that in the end, can only prove detrimental to the people you encounter and to yourself as well. The considerable separation between these expressions is what makes the difference for a sign like yours, one that is so powerful, either way…
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