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One method of forecasting trends and events a competent astrologer will often use, is known as your solar return. Similar in essence to a standard birthchart, this chart is calculated once a year for the exact moment the Sun returns to the same position in the zodiac, it occupied when you were born. Typically this will be on your birthday, although it can be a day or so either side, if for example you live in a different part of the world and time zone to your birthplace. Since calculations are necessary, you need a reasonably accurate birth time, so this technique is only practicable as one part of an individual astro-consultation. Nonetheless, a similar method is deployed to make prognostications for an entire zodiac sign, meaning everybody born when the Sun was passing through it. Popularly, this is known as your star sign or birth sign.

Since it is impossible to know with any certainty when and where one-twelfth of the world’s population was born, the success of this particular technique depends on establishing some point in which confidence can be vested. The ingress or entry of the Sun into a particular constellation is a good starting point, set for Universal Time (UT), a standard measure used for reference around the world. Fundamentally, this is just Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) in drag: the mean solar time on the Prime Meridian; zero degrees longitude in Greenwich, England. While an ingress chart cannot be read like a regular birthchart and needs to be interpreted along with planetary machinations throughout the year, some conclusions can nevertheless be drawn about the next twelve months. This is especially so, when an unusual situation prevails.
As you might have guessed, such an unorthodox approach suits your outlook well this year. The main causative factor behind these exceptional circumstances, is a distant and diminutive planetoid, only sighted in 1977 and that many casual observers still won’t know a lot about. But at the time of its appearance, Chiron seemed sure to revolutionise the face of modern astrology, since stargazers worldwide were hanging out for new planets to resolve a situation where Mercury and Venus are left ruling two signs; as had already been the outcome after Uranus, Neptune and Pluto were all found.

Except in retrospect, Chiron did not live up to these expectations. With the advent of the Hubble Space Telescope and other less famous pieces of technology, it became obvious that we inhabit a Solar System littered with untold cosmic debris and detritus. We are now well on the way to a million minor planets and the speed of their discovery is increasing, rather than slowing down. There are many more bodies out there than human interests to signify, so our parochial view of a neat and tidy universe has long since been consigned to the dustbin. Most of the astrological community has been unable to keep pace with events. Instead they seek safety in a take on the cosmos, belonging to the Middle Ages and beforehand.

Nonetheless, Chiron has maintained a disproportionate influence, as it orbits far away in our known scheme of things, positioned for the most part between Saturn and Uranus. Through the energy devoted to understanding and interpreting its effects, a clear correlation has been found that outweighs cold facts and figures. Maybe it is because Chiron opened the floodgates, to a whole different view of our celestial environment, rather like the discovery of Uranus in 1781. And just like improving technology revealed this planet, so the gap between astrology and scientists has widened, rather than welcoming the chance to incorporate these discoveries.
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So what is Chiron all about? What is so special and how does this pertain to your coming year? Initially, remember Chiron is a maverick and does not fit with prevailing attitudes and accepted norms. It has ultimately established its own class of celestial objects and is currently best regarded as a quasi-dormant comet, one of many that we now know to inhabit the outer reaches of our Solar System, stretching way beyond Neptune and at more than thirty times plus, further from the Sun than Earth. Chiron is customarily called the Wounded Healer. It is related to experiences taking lots of learning: maybe looking disadvantageous at the time, but contributing enormously to your personal development. Not only this, but the knowledge you assimilate on the way, puts you in a better position to help and heal others because of your experiences.

Finally let’s affirm: Chiron stands out this year, since at the point of the Scorpio ingress, it forms no major connections to any other auguries. Though not in itself unusual, its occurrence at this moment confers huge significance. Unaspected features act independently from the rest of your horoscope. Sometimes you will feel totally in tune with their demands and on other occasions wholly at their mercy. The forthcoming period is set to be a roller coaster: one where you unlearn everything you thought you knew and replace this existing schema with a fresh set of prerogatives and priorities. Ahead of you stands a gigantic learning curve; you may be facing within a traditionally educational environment or some place outside of this, you’d never have imagined. Either way, life cannot ever be the same. Your duty in return, is to spread the love…
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