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cardinal The cardinal signs are the initiators of the zodiac. You are active, vigorous and enterprising with verve, courage, ambition and great leadership potential. All the fire signs are alert, brisk and busy. You are dynamic, enthusiastic, optimistic and energetic with a lively, positive and proactive take on your affairs. fire
fixed The fixed signs are the organisers of the zodiac. You are steady, stable, persistent, intense and perhaps, just plain stubborn. You are not easily influenced… The earth signs focus on the material sphere. You are practical, methodical, conservative and cautious. You feel safe with tangible resources and realities. earth
mutable Mutable signs are the communicators of the zodiac. You are versatile, multifaceted and adaptable, with a talent for networking and for spreading the word. The air signs are communicative, cerebrally orientated and mentally active. You have a logical leaning, an intellectual perspective and outlook. air
    The water signs are receptive and intuitive, with a naturally emotional orientation. You are sensitive, psychic and are known to feel things very deeply. water
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active Sometimes called masculine or positive signs, the active signs comprise those of the fire and air triplicities. You are self-expressive, spontaneous and get your best results when extrovert and outgoing. Sometimes called the feminine or negative signs, the receptive signs belong to the elements earth and water. You are self-repressive, introverted and much more cautious in how you go about things. receptive