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Pisces is the twelfth and final constellation of the Western zodiac, symbolised by the two fishes. These are depicted swimming in different directions and are linked together by a magical cord. The area of the sky this constellation occupies, has been associated with matters piscatorial since the earliest times, but in classical mythology it was linked mainly with the escape of Aphrodite (Venus) and Eros (Cupid) from the monster Typhon, when by jumping into a river and assuming the shape of fishes, they were able to escape from their probable fate.

In many ways the constellation of Pisces is astronomically unremarkable, with even its brightest star too dim to be seen clearly without binoculars and overall bearing scant resemblance to the mythological creatures it is supposed to represent. Yet strangely during the modern era Pisces has often been almost the most important sign of all, since nowadays the point of the vernal equinox has gradually slipped backwards and under its influence, making the traditional beginning of the astrological year move into your constellation too. This has been known as the Age of Pisces, has lasted 2150 years and is now drawing to a close. It has been a time of enormous significance for many religious, spiritual and cultural schools of thought, in which the symbolism of the fish has on occasion played a vitally important role.
Pisces therefore is a dual sign, not only in terms of its celestial characteristics, but also the psychology of the mild-mannered, dreamy and romantic subjects born under its sway. You are mutable by quality and are of the water element, so in reality you aren’t the easiest to pin down or to describe in definitive terms. Your nature is sensitive, receptive, compassionate and diffuse, with a talent for moulding yourself seamlessly to the company and circumstances in which you find yourself, just as water perfectly fills the shape of a glass and will flow either smoothly or with greater turbulence around any obstacles in its way. It may sound strange that one of your biggest talents is merging into the background, but the ability to be all things to everyone is a great and very useful skill.

Otherwise on a personal level you aren’t really the best at being famous, widely recognised or well-known and prefer a rather modest approach and presentation of your abilities. The glare of the spotlight isn’t for you, unless you have a clearly defined role that you are able to immerse yourself in, and actually, that you can hide behind. You always remember what it is like to be hurt, so strive to demonstrate the greatest respect when it comes to handling the thoughts and feelings of those you truly care about. At times though, a fear of direct confrontation can lead to untruthfulness, subterfuge and underhanded tactics, with instances where by wallowing in the sheer hopelessness of your position, you curry favour and manipulate others in a totally subtle and subversive way.

Otherwise you are impressionable, suggestible and can sense an atmosphere just as soon as you walk into a room. It doesn’t take you long to figure out the needs and motivations of those around you, but you might find this difficult to put into words, or even to understand yourself clearly on a logical, analytical or rational level.
Symbol The Fishes
Ruling planet Neptune
Lucky day Thursday
Lucky colours Sea green, aquamarine, lilac, mauve
Lucky numbers Seven, maybe three
Birthstones Aquamarine, coral
Metals Platinum, zinc
Flowers Mosses, seaweed, all aquatic plants
Trees Fig, silk tree, trees in or close to water
Countries Egypt, Portugal, Scandinavia, Mauritius
Normandy, North Africa, Samoa, Ghana
Cities Alexandria, Cowes, Bournemouth
Grimsby, Seville, Worms, Warsaw
Best partners Cancer, Scorpio, Leo
Worst partners Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius
The trouble is that as the final sign, you personal make-up contains a small component of all those different characters who have gone before you in the zodiac, with little space left for you to define an equivalent personality of your own. You find it easy to identify with other people, either by placing yourself inside their skin, or by playing naively along with whatever role a stronger character might seem to have in mind. In your early years such openness and receptivity probably landed you in a number of scrapes, but as time passes, the lessons of accumulated experience help put you in another’s position, without the fear of compromising your own security or safety as you travel along.

Your sense of self takes some years to develop fully and the boundaries of your ego will never be the strongest, especially if your early life did not provide the solid emotional basis from which to venture forth and to experience the world. Pisceans are often described as psychic and intuitive and for many this is undoubtedly true. But the ability to separate outside influences from your own imagination takes some time to perfect and to get right, unlike those born under other more prosaic astrological influences, who are usually able to differentiate much more readily between the tangible and the imagined. Your sensitive and almost ethereal inner nature renders a balanced and basically placid existence as your ultimate ideal, with some time spent alone in quiet seclusion mulling over your experiences. You will certainly benefit from regular rest and recuperation, with the chance to recharge your psychic energies and to replenish those emotional reserves…
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