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You are famous for your compassion: your kindness and willingness to assist the vulnerable; including anyone or anything you’d consider less capable, privileged or fortunate than yourself. Inevitably, this results in you doing plenty for everybody and often without the thanks you deserve; not that widespread adoration ever was your driving impetus. So you don’t mind really, because knowing you have encouraged someone, gives you an inner glow of satisfaction and besides, offers you a sense of purpose that leaves you feeling your existence is worthwhile. Yet in this less than ideal world full of imperfect individuals, it is not impossible to reach a point where the balance becomes skewed so far in favour of others, your own needs and requirements appear neglected, especially if your confidence is already a little shaky.

Such circumstances are neither fair, right nor ultimately in the longer term, sustainable. For one reason or the next there is an inequality about this situation, you cannot allow to persist. Ever since Neptune was discovered in 1846, astrologers began to link the Fishes and the mythical god of the oceans together. While Jupiter would previously prevail, the fourth largest planet in our Solar System soon became the ruler of your sign. Of course, there are folk who’ll deny this even now, just like there are many who are convinced the Earth is flat. But for most right-thinking individuals, ever since Neptune entered your sign in April 2011, we’ve seen the planet of empathy and concern in its archetypal abode of tenderness. Theoretically, this is a match made in heaven: with your vision, intuition and spiritual growth encountering few bounds.
Yet in practice, this trend hasn’t always felt quite so plausible, as your own boundaries have weakened and grown ever the more diffuse and permeable. This would be wonderful for a spiritualist, mystic or prophet, but for the remainder it can render your world a rather harsh and unforgiving location. Even those who work in the caring professions or for charity, must be cautious that the worries of humanity, do not end up squarely and unfairly on your shoulders.

With Neptune based in your sign through until 2025, you are currently at a little over the halfway point in its lengthy journey of fourteen years in total. Another six years might sound an age, but think of all that has happened during the preceding eight. Long term astrological influences, tend to be most disruptive when they initially take effect and you first experience them. This is especially true, when as is customary, folk resist what often seems such an undermining and confusing array of circumstances. This planet’s transit of your constellation is after all, a once in a lifetime blast. Neptune lies thirty times further from the Sun than us, a fact reflected in its balmy surface temperature of -201°C. It takes 164.8 years to circuit the entire zodiac, so it is highly unlikely in this lifetime, you’ll ever see its presence in your sector of the sky again.

Matters cannot continue at peak intensity for the full duration of its stay, so gradually you develop unique coping strategies. What once seemed so unalterably alien, becomes familiar and routine. On the plus side life does not feel quite so uncertain and chaotic, while on the minus there is always the risk, you will start taking the benefits of this trend for granted. Up until now, Neptune has been opening your eyes to new experiences, but this year marks a turning point in its protracted cycle. The outer planets beyond Mars, congregate without exception towards the eastern side of your horoscope. This is the hemisphere of the heavens that pertains directly to yourself…
: pisces - february 2018/february 2019 :
Previously, your experiences have all related in one way or another to other people, catering for their needs and desires while trying to fit in with what they want: or more accurately, whatever you imagine they expect. In some respects this has been a rewarding period, but in others it has proven to be an overwhelming encounter with the truth. Rather than attempting to take the edge off these effects via escapism maybe; alcohol, prescription pills or substance abuse, it is preferable to seize your cue from the cosmos and to concentrate more on your own requirements, a premise that given your inherent inclination will not come easily or naturally. Where your own life is leading is a factor, not necessarily in terms of your career ambitions and various tangible objectives, although certainly up until December, these prove influential.

This is more about what makes you happy and how you can enjoy a fulfilled and satisfying life, without excluding others from this equation. Some associations may not be able to make the transition from an unequal situation to a level playing field. This is perhaps more likely to mean friends and your group associations, rather than close partnerships that have weathered the storm so far, or close family links. This is not a process you should anticipate will resolve swiftly either, the eventual outcome is to be judged in terms of years rather than months. But you need to make a start and once you acknowledge the parameters, it is easier to see your place in the scheme of things. So far you have experienced Neptune’s impact directly. This year you begin figuring how to use this knowledge the best way, when applying these insights…
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