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Gemini is the third constellation of the Western zodiac and is represented symbolically by the Heavenly Twins. Pollux and Castor are its primary stars and in terms of brightness, are among the most luminous in the sky overall. They are named after a famous pair of brothers from classical mythology, because it is said that when Castor was killed tragically in battle, the god Zeus placed them in the heavens together, always to remain side by side. Even from this mythological background then, you’ll deduce you're not typically solitary. Sociability is a big feature of your sign and as the first member of the air element, in common with all those belonging to that triplicity, you are essentially a gregarious, companionable and communicative individual. You find social interaction highly rewarding and in truth, regard it as a central part of your daily existence, so you could never feel happy isolated from your friends or hindered in pursuit of everyday contacts and activities.

Most Geminis are lively, clever and lots of fun to be around. You are fond of parties and any other type of social gathering. Men born under this influence are not quite the social butterfly epitomised by the Gemini female, but nevertheless you can be sure that any get-together held under the aegis of your constellation will most likely proceed with a swing. You easily get weary of too much routine, so are always happy to meet other people, to enjoy a change of scenery, to go somewhere different or to try out fresh ideas, situations and any new suggestions.
However, to paint you purely as a party animal isn’t really fair. The Twin’s dual symbolism also adds in a more thoughtful side, with deep and meaningful conversation often preferred to extended revelry in any case. You enjoy putting your perspective on all sorts of issues and then hearing an alternative viewpoint in return. You loathe isolation and have a low boredom threshold, meaning those born under your constellation and who regularly stay home alone are rather rare specimens indeed. The urge to communicate and to interact socially will always be a primary motivating factor for you…

Some Geminis find their agile minds are best occupied within the world of work. Writing or broadcasting are both perfect Gemini careers. So are journalism, anything linked with transportation, the media in general, travel, secretarial work, teaching, hairdressing, human resources, sales and retail plus a varied multitude of possible jobs that necessitate dealing with the public on a regular basis. Other Geminis find their fulfilment within close relationships, so long as their partners can manage to keep them interested, entertained and engrossed. In all close associations the remaining air signs make the best mates for you, although fiery Aries and Sagittarius can prove good company as well. When intellectually fulfilled you are happy spending more time at home, than you would usually if other circumstances were tending to predominate.

Actually this sort of scenario works out well, since you can end up scattering your energy and thus often benefit from a more stable set-up domestically. Ideally though, you favour some degree of external input and feel stressed, suffocated and miserable if this isn’t forthcoming. Your sign is especially connected with short journeys and your local community, so here is where many hours go, running around and about without straying far away from home.
Symbol The Twins
Ruling planet Mercury
Lucky day Wednesday
Lucky colours Yellow, especially pale yellow
Lucky number Five
Birthstones Agate, stripy stones generally
Metals Mercury
Flowers Ferns, lavender, lily of the valley
Trees Hazels and mulberries
Countries Belgium, Sardinia, Iceland, Tunisia,
Wales (currently part of the UK)
Cities Cardiff, London, San Francisco, Tripoli, Nuremberg, Melbourne, Plymouth
Best partners Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius
Worst partners Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces
When you do find yourself back at the ranch, it is characteristic for you to spend hours on the telephone. Others write and receive letters, cards and emails, but the ongoing communication associated with the phone makes this especially enjoyable. Without one, you’d be left feeling bereft and would soon view such circumstances in a similar way to losing a part of your own body. Fortunately, the advent of the cell phone has meant that rarely do you and your first true love now need to be apart. A more ideal astrological association or birthday present, would be hard to source for any celestial Twin, though you almost certainly have one already anyhow. Another great affinity is usually your car. In order to go hither and thither whenever this suits you, your vehicle is a specially valued and essential possession for you to maintain.

In fact many Geminis prefer vans to cars, since there is more space into which to throw the various belongings that you’re bound to need wherever you’re going. Regardless of whether a car, bicycle or some other alternative is the ultimate choice, you are often quite demanding of you chosen mode of transport and definitely use it to its utmost capabilities. Although some Geminis decide to live in rural situations, the town or the city suits your desire for constant and varied activity, social opportunity and intellectual stimulation much better. You are happiest in the thick of the traffic, attempting to park in impossible situations and bashing your car’s paintwork with bundles of keys and hands full of shopping. Nervousness and anxiety are troublesome health outcomes you usually suffer, so by ensuring that a fast pace of life is maintained, the negative effects of excess nervous energy can be turned over towards a more enviable and desirable impact in the end…
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