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It is customary to concentrate on the more distant planets of our Solar System, when assessing your prospects and how the cosmos will impact these, over the year ahead. This means those planets lying on the other side of Mars and orbiting the Sun from beyond the asteroid belt, namely: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. Pluto is also a powerful portent, despite the revised opinion of the scientific community, as astronomers struggle to make certain sense of a supernal environment that seems to grow more complicated by the hour. Our nearer neighbours circuit the zodiac at a rate that has a short-term impact, but less of a bearing on your annual review. From an academic point of view, the celestial machinations this year are especially unusual and intriguing, particularly once Jupiter arrives in Capricorn on December 2.

That will make for three outer planets in the sign of the Goat. This scenario persists into next year, until Saturn leaves for Aquarius shortly after the March equinox. Saturn has been travelling through this sector of the sky since the final fortnight of 2017, while Pluto’s visit has lasted even longer. It arrived in January 2008 and will not leave for another five years, making the proximity of these two planets, a notable occurrence in itself. The conjunction between this pair occurs infrequently, just three times during the last century as an example, at an average of once every thirty-five years. But the triple conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto is truly rare and has not been seen since 1285. That was 734 years ago, remembering Pluto was not yet discovered. The cusp of Capricorn and Aquarius was also the setting, beforehand.
Only matters at this juncture were more skewed towards the Water Bearer. Jupiter is linked with religion, the law and cultural diversity. Pluto means power, transformation and regeneration. Saturn sets things in stone and establishes firm foundations. The Crusades were ongoing at this point, a series of religious wars sanctioned by the Catholic Church. In England, a writ issued by King Edward I, clarified the jurisdictions of the church and state, limiting the dominion of the former. Capricorn rules tradition, authority and the government. Aquarius heralds new ideas, populism and revolution.

For you, this triple conjunction signals a period of conclusion but also of new beginnings, that in retrospect clearly mark the end of the preceding era. Even given your famous adaptability, such major metamorphoses are never straightforward. You will acknowledge there is plenty of scope for improvement, but there are other factors you are keen to remain the same. This process has been ongoing for over a decade now, so the cosmos is unlikely to have many surprises in store. Plus Jupiter’s arrival puts a beneficial slant on what might otherwise prove a troubling process. Where you stand with other people is central to your experience. Some dichotomy also exists, between material reality and your spiritual welfare. The latter must take precedence, although it is not always a simple call.

Uranus currently occupies Taurus, the sign preceding yours. Here it works behind the scenes, getting ready to burst forth in your constellation where its impact becomes quite obvious. Yet this isn’t for another six years, which may sound like an intolerably lengthy proposition, but that is what it takes to reappraise the habits and thought constructs you’ve so far acquired. You have assimilated these intellectual and behavioural precedents, very gradually. They have coloured what initially was a blank canvas, in shades and hues it has taken ages to discern, pinpoint and ultimately address.
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So meanwhile you are looking at an extended period of growth and development, where the observed and established characteristics of Uranus, slowly work their magic on your subconscious mind. On the surface, this process appears unremarkable. But backstage, you are thinking through events with origins reaching all the way to your childhood, the significance of which you have been unaware and that you’ve possibly expunged from your memory. These make themselves known by degrees: during your quieter moments, in periods of solitude and via recurrent dreams. It’ll take you some while to figure out exactly what the universe is trying to tell you, since in the end it is a unique and intensely individual pilgrimage. You may feel repressed and inhibited, but often the picture as this transit dawns is lots more subtle than that.

Uranus is the planet of individuality, freedom and change. The strictest discipline begins with your own sense of responsibility and rectitude: your moral compass or your conscience, if you prefer. That is great if your judgement is unbiased, but less so when you haven’t started with a level playing field. Some conditioning takes root before you notice. You need a lifetime to tackle and dispel it. So it isn’t wholly surprising, with such a focus on what previously slipped under the radar, that your goals and trajectory look a little cloudy, nebulous and vague. It’s not an attitude your bank would recommend, but such a viewpoint is fine for a while. Highlight creativity and seek fulfilment, looking inwards and behind you now, not solely to the future. Emphasise your private life and those closest to you, rather than achievements in the outside world.
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