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Taurus is the second constellation of the Western zodiac and is traditionally symbolised by the Bull. Taurus represents the earth element and the fixed quality, so of all the constellations that go to comprise the modern zodiac, it is those born under this sign’s influence, who are likely to prove the most solid and steadfast of all. In reality, it’s fortunate that Taureans aren’t always quite so typical of the plodding, placid but rather unexciting characters portrayed in many astrological textbooks. Planetary movements over the past few years have produced a much less predictable and far more individualistic stance than was previously the norm, and have lead to some big changes in how you go about expressing yourself. Nonetheless, there are still many ways in which your fixed and earthy nature continues to shine right on through.

Firstly, that fixed quality. This translates as constancy, serenity and a general composure, all of which rank high on your list of traditional Taurean attributes. Those born under this sign are known for your resolute and steady natures. Typically, you will only lose your temper under intense and sustained provocation. Taureans are often lauded for their perseverance and determination and are not infrequently criticised for being obstinate and stubborn. It is certainly not advisable to try forcing you in directions that are not of your own choosing, since once you have made up your mind it is only ever you who will change it back again. While this can actually happen quite regularly, it remains entirely at your own discretion. It takes extreme circumstances for such transformations to result, from outside influences and situations.
The earthy component of the Taurean character confers a substantial focus on the material world. As a Taurean you are famously concerned with your financial and material affairs, with your income, your earning potential and with safeguarding your material prospects. The maintenance of your personal and emotional security is a major motivating factor, with a life path that follows a slow and a gradual progression, rather than being characterised by many sudden changes of direction or by a meteoric rise to success. Nonetheless too much caution can lead to complacency and missed opportunities, so while many born under this sign will ultimately find themselves growing comfortably off, there are surprisingly few who will ever make it to be truly rich.

Although the Bull nearly always keeps sufficient in store for a rainy day, your favoured lifestyle of some luxury can also prove quite a drain on your personal and financial reserves. In particular the rulership of your sign by Venus confers a love of ease, pleasure, relaxation and the good things in life. You’re always ready to spend on quality items and you certainly aren’t mean, miserly or anything like that. Most members of this sign would not relish the long hours and personal sacrifice that are regularly seen to feature for the true entrepreneur. Typical Taureans seek employment in established positions with a guaranteed salary, paid and fixed holidays and with the prospect of a solid pension when you hit your retirement.

Physical comfort and well-being are important factors for life’s enjoyment, so you appreciate having the time and space to take things easy, to enjoy a lie-in on a Sunday and to shop for and purchase some beautiful things, for example. You love luxuriating on a gorgeously stuffed sofa, watching your favourite television show and indulging yourself in a little of your favourite food. In fact food is an important focus for all Taureans. Members of this sign will fall into one of two camps wherever that subject is concerned…
Symbol The Bull
Ruling planet Venus
Lucky day Friday
Lucky colours Pale blue, pale green, pink, all
different kinds of pastel shades
Lucky number Six
Birthstones Emerald, jade
Metals Brass, bronze, copper
Flowers Daisies, foxgloves, primroses,
lilies and roses generally, violets
Trees Apple, pear, crab apple, cypress
Countries Tasmania, Cyprus, Ireland, Rhodes, Switzerland, Capri, the Greek Islands
Cities Eastbourne, Hastings, Palermo,
Lucerne, Leipzig, Dublin, St. Louis
Best partners Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn
Worst partners Leo, Aquarius
The first is very traditional, with no herbs or spices and definitely nothing even vaguely out of the ordinary. The second is far more adventurous, with tastes that can only be described as gourmet. For both types over-indulgence will lead to weight gain and eventually to other less than desirable health consequences. Sufficient exercise and due attention to what is being eaten, can always be constructively encouraged for members of your sign. It’s important to note also that the Taurean love of security doesn’t relate purely to money. You build an insulating environment of possessions, people and circumstances around you that you feel will provide a buffer if the unthinkable occurs.

Bricks and mortar constitute the ideal investment opportunity for many born during this period, both in terms of a worthwhile prospect for the future and with regard to personal happiness in the meantime. Taurus has a particular affinity with beauty, but also with the tangible and the real, so many of you do find your vocation within the building trade, property speculation, interior decoration or garden design. A home of your own, surrounded by nice possessions, decent furniture and by those you love, is probably the ideal situation where the majority of you are concerned. Finally, it is often forgotten the Taurean possessiveness frequently will extend into your relationships too. This can lead to a rather more restrictive situation than a partner might ideally prefer. If such issues can be addressed then you’re a loyal, affectionate and a tactile partner. Taurus probably won’t set the world on fire, but will bring a genuine warmth and dependability to any relationship situation.
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