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If you’ve been following the stars with interest and some trepidation, you’ll already know this is a big year for everyone and especially for you. Actually, these trends don’t disappear suddenly after twelve months either, since their impact is enduring and their fallout persists over the longer term. Tangibly, the catalyst is Uranus returning to your constellation: its first enduring stay since May 15, 2022 and to put matters in a historical context, the height of World War II. In fact, during 2018 you’ve already had a taste of things to come. Uranus briefly departed Aries for your region of the heavens on May 15: the very same day it previously left, 76 years earlier. Then in August, this planet turned retrograde, as it does for around five months annually. In November, it temporarily vacated your celestial domain; allowing for a brief lull in proceedings.

The current visit of Uranus to your part of the sky, resumed during March 2019 and preceded your birthday by a month or two. Uranus engaged a forward gear in early January and although it spends 41% of each year travelling in reverse, its next retrograde cycle won’t take it out of your sign. So this is a lengthier affair: uninterrupted until the second half of 2025 and not finally finishing until April 2026. Uranus orbits the Sun in a little over 84 years and from our perspective, circuits the zodiac on the same timescale. Its path is stable and consistent, so a transit lasting in the region of seven years, is customary for each sign. But what does Uranus signify, both to you and for the wider world? Why should its arrival in your sector of the firmament, command special attention? What does this planet mean: for you and also others, too?
So, let’s first take it from the top. The discovery of Uranus was a seminal moment. Space exploration is routine these days: but in 1781, our view of the universe hadn’t altered for millennia. Uranus is dim and distant: even though its diameter is four times that of Earth, it lurks on the wrong side of visibility. Under ideal conditions you might discern it: given the infrequent combination of 20/20 vision, a moonless night and zero light pollution. But this planet was discovered using a telescope and you’ll likely need binoculars at least, even if you now know where to look. Uranus has an axial tilt of almost 98° to its own orbit, meaning it is spinning on its side. Among the planets of our Solar System, there is nothing to equal it.

Put all these circumstances together and you’ll see why, Uranus has been associated with everything that is modern, idiosyncratic and contemporary. It governs invention, revolution, technology and progressive thought. It is connected with individuality, plus all that is singular and unusual. Uranus favours the concept of a global community, illustrated by the way astronomers have collectively all worked to disseminate a redrawn picture of our cosmos. The atmosphere of Uranus is unusually cold, emblematically signalling a cool and cerebral origin: devoid of sentimentality and subjectivity.

Prior to its discovery, the signs and planets made up a perfect system of rulers and rulerships, established prior to Ptolemy (c. 100 – 170 CE) who so far as we know, was the first to write down data already recognised as ancient wisdom by then. Uranus in the style ascribed to it, disrupted this cosy overview: beginning our journey towards a scenario, where space is considered chaotic, primeval, mysterious and almost too vast to comprehend. Uranus is a harbinger of change and the unexpected; while for those who ponder the future, the latter is tricky territory. Anything anticipated, flagged or forecast cannot truly be called, the unexpected anymore.
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Meanwhile, the nature of this planet, has been subliminally assimilated into the English language and our collective subconscious. Think about the “Seven Year Itch”: a fabled and powerful phenomenon, where a monogamous relationship becomes challenged by the sudden impulse for change. Immortalised by the eponymous movie starring Marilyn Monroe in 1955, the median duration of any marriage that ends in divorce has for almost a century been around seven years, according to the National Center for Health Statistics in the United States. This is despite people’s heightened expectations, broader horizons, lengthening longevity and revised social norms. A congruent pattern is noted at work and where you live: happiness declines notably and predictably in a fundamentally unsatisfactory situation and over the same period.

So Uranus means change and you can be sure, how life looks today will seem a distant memory, by the time this planet’s visit is over and you cast, a retrospective glance back down the road. You are far from thrilled by the prospect, so making the most of what Uranus has to offer is a challenging and unsettling task. Yet in a number of ways you appreciate, you could use an update and a few alterations. Try to embrace these consciously and tackle them proactively, since trying to keep matters just as they are brings out all of this planet’s negatives: such as accidents, upsets, stress, upheaval and unwelcome surprises. Security is one thing; but this is your shot at greater freedom, casting off the chains of obligation and responsibility, wherever these hinder or diminish your individuality and have prevented you, from living life to the full.
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