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Capricorn is the tenth constellation of the Western zodiac and is represented by the Goat. Attempts have been made to enliven your sign’s sometimes dour image by linking it alternatively with the mountain goat and even with the gazelle. While the former has some merit, in reality the acknowledged associations of Capricorn prove far more revealing and surprisingly, rather flattering as well. Capricorn is actually the Sea-Goat, whose mythological origins stretch back further than the classical period. The Sumero-Babylonian god Ea was one of the most important in ancient Mesopotamia and had the head and upper body of a goat with the lower body of a fish, as represented more or less today in the astrologer’s glyph for your sign. Ea was both prescient and omniscient and was particularly connected with work, wisdom and the instruction of mankind. These characteristics remain to remind us presently, of what is traditionally governed by the sign of Capricorn.

The symbolism of both the goat and the fish are important for Christianity, with the goat’s prior connections consigning it to all that is considered evil nowadays. Here Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn becomes Satan and gains a bad reputation among those who lack a more balanced view. However, Ea was ruler not of the Earth as might be expected, but of the water and so that fishes tail refuses to go away. It isn’t possible to appreciate the essence of Capricorn without regard for your often neglected emotions. These are the driving force behind your desire to better yourself. It is in your view, through worldly success that you will ultimately prove sufficiently worthy of the love of others…
There are many admirable things about your character, although this tends to be a more appropriate description of these traits than loveable or appealing, for example. You are responsible, you take life seriously and have a determined, persistent and measured approach. Your whole attitude is sober, cautious and conservative with a realistic outlook that veers towards the pessimistic. You are assiduous, meticulous, hard-working and productive and are the least likely sign to take a vacation. You are lucky enough to enjoy working and while you complain of all that you have to do, there is only one thing that makes you happier than the completion of an important task, and that’s thinking how you’ll deal with the next one.

As the natural ruler of the tenth house, it is important for you to carve out a position of prominence and respect. While your precise route varies, you claw your way to the top in the business world or seek the society of those who can help you on your way. Glamour and fame generally don’t appeal much to you, since you’d loathe the invasion of privacy that celebrity entails. Ideally you are a solid citizen with a dignified and authoritative status, well-regarded by those in the know and without many trappings of obvious pretence.

You’re ambitious and you aren’t afraid to commit to what you’re seeking over the longer term. Some Capricorns are quite wild in their earlier years, but calm down around the age of thirty when Saturn first returns to its own natal position. Your most creative and carefree expression is often not realised until much later, with your sixties particularly a significant time. Capricorn is never really a young person’s sign, so finds itself linked with an old head on young shoulders from the outset. The importance of fun in your early development shouldn’t be ignored, but taking nothing away from your august and dependable nature, it’s clear you’re not the type to have people lauding you like the life and soul of any party…
Symbol The Sea-Goat
Ruling planet Saturn
Lucky day Saturday
Lucky colours Dark brown and green, grey, black
Lucky number Eight
Birthstones Dark sapphire, black pearl, onyx, jet
Metals Lead
Flowers Nightshade, hemlock, pansy,
ivy, heartsease, amaranthus
Trees Aspen, elm, pine, quince, yew
Countries Albania, Bulgaria, Mexico, Bosnia, Afghanistan, India, Lithuania, UK
Cities Brandenberg, Brussels, Port Said,
Delhi, Mexico City, Oxford, Ghent
Best partners Taurus, Virgo, often Aries
Worst partners Libra
Nonetheless, Capricorn is linked with experience and maturity so almost everything about your story will with time and patience, get better. Conscientious and diligent you are, spontaneous and impulsive you’re simply not. You’re a good reliable colleague who always fulfils your obligations but warmth, feelings and romance for instance are often pushed towards the sidelines in favour of more concrete concerns. You will always stress practical affairs over seemingly less tangible factors, so you can come over as a little cold. You would benefit from giving your emotions greater credence since with that fishes tail, your happiness is in truth every bit as important as your material circumstances.

In fact your inherently practical nature can lead to an obsession with financial interests, when a calculating attitude prevails and everything is judged on its monetary worth alone. Similarly depression and pessimism are constant threats to your well-being, with optimism and a more light-hearted viewpoint actively to be encouraged. Gloom and cynicism may contribute enormously to a caustic, sarcastic and biting wit, but for many an encounter with the astrological equivalent of Eeyore, grows increasingly wearing over time. Your forgotten watery tail means you are perceptibly more sensitive and intuitive than ever your strict sense of discipline will permit others to realise. Current planetary trends combine to show you facets of life that you have never known before, so increasingly, your inner knowledge and vision ought to be allowed to reveal itself more widely to the world. From your ongoing situation a new understanding will if you let it, gradually begin slowly to coalesce…
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