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This proves to be one of the most important years of your life. If you are relatively youthful, it marks a new phase, where you are able to feel more wholly yourself and can begin to build in earnest on the foundations you’ve established prior to this point, either consciously or through force of circumstances. It is a time when you realise an old order has expired and more importantly, catch the first intimation this is not all for the worst, either. With your natural conservatism and fondness for tradition, change is always difficult to accept and embrace emotionally. But the reality of your situation, remains that a fresh perspective is sometimes for the best. Even when you are facing troubling prospects, there is nothing so great in what lead you to this point, that you cannot tackle its portent. Plus: for most Sea-Goats, the worst is already behind you.

Over more than a decade, Pluto has been dragging its feet through your sign. Don’t worry whether this body is a planet, dwarf planetoid or a coconut meringue; the complexities of Pluto’s reality are way weirder than anyone imagined. Far from being a diminutive and insignificant outsider, Pluto is our closest known example of a binary planet, with a huge moon that in comparative terms, is half the diameter of its parent. Their combined influence guarantees an astrological impact that is both powerful and unique. And if this were not significant enough: you should realise that Pluto and Charon, as this moon has been named, rotate a mere 12,160 miles apart: an infinitesimal distance in galactic terms, as they orbit a barycentre in-between them. With no other known binaries in our Solar System, Pluto needs complete respect.
The Pluto subsystem has been making your everyday affairs rather difficult, for well over a decade. The issue of control has featured prominently: since this body is generally the furthest from the Sun, most informed astrologers nowadays regularly entertain. As such, it can influence every other planet lying closer to home: making for conflicts of interest, coercive strategies and a subtle, seething animosity, based on who is the strongest and in charge. Habitually, Pluto brings shared property and financial interests to the forefront: with complex set pieces around sexual vulnerabilities; unspoken means of manipulation; compulsive behaviour, hostility and deceit.

Given this climate: it is important to stand up for your principles. But overstep the mark and try to teach your adversary a lesson, for this whole toxic exploit to explode in your face. You can attempt to sit out any long-standing grudges in the hope the other side eventually buckles, though in the end you are primarily only torturing yourself. Given sufficient time, folk move on and cannot feel so strongly when confronting the same old tactics, to which they have become accustomed. You believe you can win this battle, when the war was over long ago. Nobody else, shares your outdated plan of attack, since the past is just that. Future successes, will not rely on history.

Yet because important changes are still needing to be made, Pluto continues to ensure its presence is felt. The harder you struggle to save, revive or resurrect decaying conditions from another era, the more ruthlessly this planet pushes you beyond your comfort zone. Pluto governs the cycle of death and rebirth; it symbolises your inheritance, both tangible and far less concrete. A real death is not impossible: but its an extreme example and unlikely to arise out of the blue. Interests, relationships, ambitions and ways of life are often affected. As one cycle concludes, its successor commences. It’s a growth process to your advantage, if not exactly as you hoped.
: capricorn - december 2019/december 2020 :
Still, Pluto is most active during the early stages of its visit, lasting sixteen years in total from 2008-2024. The reason matters draw to a head so noticeably over the next twelve months, is the appearance of what astrologers call a triple conjunction. This refers to three planets within close proximity of one another and in this instance, thronging to your sign. Such planetary configurations happen regularly and so although notable, they are infrequent rather than rare auguries. It is the planets involved making all the difference on this occasion. There is Pluto as a long-standing mainstay, along with Saturn and Jupiter jointly, helping to complete the picture. Saturn takes a little under thirty years to circuit the zodiac. Jupiter is faster at twelve years: a leisurely pace when contrasted with the personal planets, on our near side of the Asteroid Belt.

The last time such a stellium formed was in 1285, during the High Middle Ages. This was a momentous time for governmental affairs, with a fundamental realignment, closely paralleled by the political uncertainties of today. It isn’t until 2755 that a repeat configuration dominates the sky. Meanwhile, Saturn has been in your sign since December 2017, bringing a sense of finality to proceedings. However, between March and July, this planet drifts away, to depart entirely during December 2020. Correspondingly, Jupiter heralds an unfamiliar sense of joy, optimism and release. Whether via travel and broader vistas, education or the company of those from different backgrounds and age groups, you realise leaving the past behind you is not such an unthinkable option. There is so much to look forward to, just over the horizon.
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