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Leo is the fifth constellation of the Western zodiac and is represented symbolically by the Lion. Yours is the second of the fire signs and also of the fixed quality. Leo is ruled by the Sun and is naturally associated with astrology’s fifth house. Creativity, vitality, energy, enthusiasm and a zest for life are all characteristic of you while fun, romance and a fondness for children and animals are high on your list of priorities. Typically, you don’t like to take a back seat. Just as the Sun is placed naturally at the centre of our solar system, where no one fails to appreciate its pivotal role nowadays, so Leo prefers a central position and to live surrounded by those who adore each of your best qualities.

The Lion is called the king of the beasts, so individuals born during this period suit leadership, have excellent organisational ability and thrive in positions of responsibility and trust. The more prized you feel for your efforts, the more you will continue to give of your best. A menial, insignificant or subordinate role could never be appropriate so far as you’re concerned. The chance to shine, to be everything you can and to manifest your talents completely is a pivotal motivation for everybody born under your constellation. Typically you’re sunny and brim full of verve, vigour, pizzazz and star quality. You are driven consciously and less so towards conspicuous prominence in all that you do.
You need approval and approbation, so you’ll seek to increase your chances of acclaim by exploiting your talents to the full. Some of you are content to concentrate on more modest objectives too, where a central position is an easier one to maintain. Your sign is particularly associated with creativity in all its forms. While many will be attracted to more immediately obvious angles like artistic expression, the theatre and the performing arts for example, others are best suited to concentrate their efforts closer to home where childbirth, bringing up a family, or raising animals may manifest this impulse even more directly. Ultimately, like the Sun your ruler, you always need to feel at the heart of things. You’d prefer to be a small star ruling its own planetary subsystem, than an insignificant and more minor component of some far larger cosmic structure…

Perhaps for this reason the high personal standards of many Leos can cause you to emphasise an excessively narrow range of activities. These are usually those things at which you’ve previously proven your ability. Failure and humiliation are not outcomes a Leo can easily bear, so you may end up foregoing certain opportunities rather than risk looking small. Nonetheless, in the world of show business and elsewhere in public life, there are many household names who have Leo prominently placed in their birth horoscopes.

As you’ll almost certainly be aware, royalty around the globe also has had a special and lasting connection with your sign. So many astrologers would have us believe that every Leo is an indomitable showman, always ready to take on the world and completely impervious to the kinds of setbacks that everyone experiences from time to time. However, in reality you’re actually quite sensitive, although your inherent pride means that most hurts are not witnessed outside of your inner circle. The Lion retreats to his (or her) den, licks his wounds for a while and then bounces back with renewed self-confidence, ready and willing to take on another day.
Symbol The Lion
Ruling planet Sun
Lucky day Sunday
Lucky colours Orange, gold
Lucky number One
Birthstones Diamond, amber
Metals Gold
Flowers Sunflowers, marigolds, celandines, rosemary, cyclamen, passion flowers
Trees Olive and palm trees, bay trees,
all citrus trees - especially oranges
Countries France, Italy, Romania, Madagascar,
Macedonia, Sicily, Jamaica, Zanzibar
Cities Bath, Bristol, Bombay, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, Rome, Madrid
Best partners Aries, Sagittarius, Pisces
Worst partners Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius
Despite the big focus on pleasure and recreation, you aren’t averse to working hard in the right circumstances. You can put in long hours when caught up with something that really grips your attention. Alternatively, you also enjoy any situation where there is plenty of opportunity for you to earn recognition and reward. Having nothing to be proud of isn’t a natural state of affairs for you and tends to bring on the worst aspects of your behaviour. Without some sense of a unique contribution you can become surly, uncooperative, lazy, selfish and disruptive. You function better with lots of opportunity for self-determination and the ability to make, implement and see through your own decisions.

Given the respect you are sure you deserve, you make a tolerant, magnanimous and just leader, one who guides by example and inspires loyalty and devotion in all those who follow you. Leos are generous and big-hearted to the people they love and are noble and tolerant in their outlook and perspective. You are selfless and giving towards everyone you care about, and will certainly defend the objects of your affection to the very last. It’s unsurprising that once in love you prove to be the zodiac’s greatest romantic. You are enormously loyal, but tend towards serial monogamy, because once your latest earth-shattering affair starts to settle down, the resultant routine may prove less perfect than that you had initially hoped for or dreamed about. It’s important to temper your amorous expectations with a touch of reality for best results then…
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