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The coming year is characterised by a significant cosmic configuration, coalescing gradually in one corner of the sky. This marks the initial reappearance of a celestial alignment not witnessed since the Middle Ages. It involves the outer planets Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto: all within a comparatively small sector of the firmament and collectively conspiring to form a rare triple conjunction, since each of these planets lies a few degrees of zodiacal longitude from the other two, sometimes one way around and at other points, in a different order. These events take place late in the constellation of Capricorn and close to the cusp of Aquarius; a little earlier but overall in much the same region of the zodiac as last time. This was 734 years ago, during the year 1285 CE. The frigid complexity of the Pluto sub-system was barely imagined back then.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t prevent us from working in reverse to determine where this controversial planetoid was, should anyone have had the technology to observe it. The more conspicuous conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that happens once every two decades, will and would have been apparent to even the most casual stargazer. Some claim, this planetary pairing was centuries previously, the bright star that foretold the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. This was noticeable enough for the Magi to follow and to believe its luminosity must be significant. The current triple conjunction actually perfects a few months into your next astrological year. October and November 2020 especially mark the juncture to watch, as the gap between these three planets tightens, with Pluto and then Jupiter in the middle. But in the meantime and beforehand, the second week of March 2020 is a point to pay attention, while this energy continues strongly through to your next anniversary.
The enormity of such an occasion suits you well, since you cannot abide mediocrity and like to believe you’re living through interesting times. While everyone is going to feel the fallout, each sign will be affected depending on where this focus culminates, relative to their own slant on the heavens and the celestial sphere. So what does this mean to you and where exactly will these outcomes manifest?

It is always best to piece together your own ideas, rather than accept another’s opinion wholesale, no matter how knowledgeable or influential you believe them to be. Consider the symbolism of these auguries and view them in the context of your circumstances, formulating a picture that aligns with them. Jupiter is the brightest planet in the night sky, bar Venus that you’ll only see either shortly after sunset or just before the dawn, depending on whether it is behind or ahead of the Sun: a variable happenstance. Its brilliance, traditionally makes Jupiter very lucky. It is associated with growth, prosperity, good fortune, broadened horizons; travel, abundance, education, publishing; plenty and success. It forms a unique and unmistakable beacon. It is hard to picture this in a detrimental light.

Saturn is not entirely the opposite principle, but ranks lower in the popularity stakes. Saturn is arguably the most beautiful planet, but such magnificence comes at a price. This planet is connected with effort, discipline, dedication, work, application and similar concepts that for the most part, are poorly regarded in several quarters. Still, without the impact of this distant body, we’d never achieve anything lasting. Saturn is linked with achievement, with the foundations and framework for further progress, with precisely and thoroughly laying the cornerstone for subsequent attainment: heralding experience, wisdom, authority and respect. Which leads us finally, to Pluto. Maligned by astronomers and lauded by the few astrologers, who’ll maintain this mysterious and faraway presence in their vocabulary.
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Pluto is the subject of much misinformation and confusion. Whether it fits the definition of a planet is less important, than the effect it manifests in the lives of those willing to take notice. At an estimated 248 years to circuit the zodiac, we have only enjoyed the opportunity to watch Pluto through just over one third of its orbit, since its discovery. Yet during this comparatively brief period it has become obvious, that Pluto has no equals. It suggests the breakdown of existing conditions: death, disintegration and decay. It is the ruler of putrefaction, bodily waste and excretion; corpses, cemeteries, corruption, spoilage and filth. Sounds icky; but know what? These are exactly the conditions in which seedlings germinate and where food is grown for coming generations. There is never a new beginning, without some earlier ending.

A physical demise may be part of that, but more often it is a phase concluding, the ultimate release of a former objective: turning over a new leaf or starting a fresh chapter. Pluto has been affecting your health; working life and everyday routines for a long time now and so far, you’ve steadfastly refused to listen. Belonging to a fixed sign has its benefits, when it means sticking to your guns. But sometimes it doesn’t matter how determined you are. In the end the world alters around you and you are left standing out like a fossil, or a chameleon in a pocketful of change. Now Saturn ups the ante and Jupiter offers an escape route. A dignified acceptance that you gave it your all, is no disgrace. It is the wisest course of action when you’ve exhausted other possibilities. It allows time to investigate alternatives, instead of flogging a dead horse.
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