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Developments over the next twelve months involve three of the outer planets, namely: Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. Some cultivate disagreement over Pluto’s status and taxonomy, but for your reference it is considered in the same way as those planets it accompanies, since its diminutive size and extreme distance are balanced and negated, by its extensive subsystem. As your year commences, these three planets occupy the sign of Capricorn: while Jupiter heralds a happier tone, after what has beforehand been a complicated and not wholly welcome interlude. Jupiter is the planet of good fortune, expansion, success, opportunity and acclaim. It is linked with broadened horizons, education and learning, travel and those of different ages or from other walks of life: increasing your understanding of the world and your purpose here.

Every horoscope is a circular affair: a two-dimensional representation of the boundless sphere of space surrounding us. You can see half of this, if you stand in the open on a dark night: away from light trespass and pollution. The lower hemisphere of the celestial sphere is directly opposite: or far beneath your feet. You can watch the apparent rotation of the firmament, as the Earth revolves on its axis and night becomes day; through sunrise to sunset if you view these mechanisms long enough. Just as its a continuous process, so the planets travel through the zodiac in a cyclical fashion. They all orbit independently, some travelling too quickly to suggest anything other than a bad day, or an interesting interlude before everyday service resumes. Yet others: Jupiter and Saturn for example, work on a timescale you cannot disregard.
Saturn requires just a few months less than thirty years to traverse your horoscope, spending an average of around thirty months in each zodiac sign. Capricorn is the constellation preceding yours, so to you this area of the zodiac and sky, means that a cycle is concluding. Once Saturn enters your region of the heavens again, another chapter can commence. And this potentially will endure, for almost the next three decades: since you’ll only experience three complete circuits and probably fewer of this planet, in your entire life. Saturn reaches Aquarius, just after the March equinox in 2020. This will be your first personal encounter with Saturn, since 1991-4.

So assuming you are old enough to remember, cast your mind back to the events taking place around this prior juncture and how these have figured prominently, ever since. This will in turn offer you a clue, about what the universe has in mind this time. If you weren’t even born consider conditioned behaviour, acquired most likely from early parental influences and that you have been running on subliminally ever since. During May 2020, Saturn turns retrograde and engages reverse gear against the static backdrop of the stellar fiduciary. It returns to Capricorn on July 2, showing there are still loose ends to be tied, before you leave the past behind. If it were easy you would have done this before. So be happy for the practice!

Time-consuming concerns that have outlived their original purpose and ambitions that no longer fit comfortably with yourself and your situation, become harder for you to justify and sustain. Friendships, relationships; customary priorities, sources of income, expenditure and leisure interests are similarly affected. Saturn is diligent and thorough in its action, so this process takes place mainly between December 2020 and March 2023. Between March and July 2020, you either catch an insight in to what lies ahead, or fight tooth and nail to prevent these developments, which isn’t generally your style.
: aquarius - january 2020/january 2021 :
Yet Saturn is at best a sobering trend, especially in combination with Pluto for the last several years and Mars during the first part of this one. You have witnessed plenty of Saturn’s fallout since 2017, so what is so different about your situation now? Pluto has turned your world on its head several times, since its arrival in Capricorn during 2008. But it is too slow and distant to be reckoned in cycles and human terms, so how does the next twelve months differ from the transformations and metamorphoses you have been through already? Saturn conveys an underlying sense of structure, but after the cataclysmic import of these planetary machinations, why should you look at the forthcoming period, in the expectation of something easier and more encouraging? The answer lies with Jupiter, absent from proceedings until recently.

Although every planet works favourably if you handle it correctly, they cannot all share the benefits that Jupiter routinely bestows. For much of the coming period, our largest planet lurks in a similar sector to other potent influences and reinforces the theme of healing, laying the past to rest and of preparation for a new cycle about to begin. This is not to be conflated with just waiting things out; you should approach this period proactively for the best results. The defining visit of Saturn to Aquarius begins on December 19, 2020. Two days beforehand, Jupiter enters your constellation for a stay lasting on and off until the following December. On December 21, 2021 Jupiter and Saturn conjoin early in your sign. Defining a generation once in twenty years, this planetary conjunction was the so-called ‘star’ the Magi duly followed to Bethlehem.
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