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You are not and never have been, a person who is keen on dwelling in the past. The future seems so much more exhilarating and attractive, along with what this means for you on a personal level, naturally. But without some retrospective analysis of the events that have brought you to the beginning of your present astrological year, you are ignoring the perfect opportunity to gain an insight, into those trends that are heading your way over the next twelve months. To underline this overly simplistically: if you don’t know where you’re coming from, it is harder to see where you’re going, rendering any subsequent decisions that you need to make, a rather random affair. This becomes important when you are figuring out the sustainability of a revised trajectory, or the choices you are tempted to make this year. It is primarily down to a challenging and lasting alignment between Uranus and Pluto, two distant and mighty planets from the remoter reaches of the solar system.

Together, they have ensured that life has changed a great deal for many people and for you especially, over the past several years. While the dominion and potency of this cosmic encounter diminishes currently, the consequences will potentially persist forever. Sometimes, you ask yourself whether all these upheavals were entirely for the best, but over the longer term you will eventually comprehend and appreciate, how formative and influential this entire period has been. You discover yourself in a position where having encountered and endured an array of far-reaching transitions, you are able to decide over the months ahead, those plans you would want to implement as a continuation of these.
Several of the updates you are seriously considering, have only become a possibility because of what has occurred already. Yet while beforehand many of the eventualities you’ve faced appeared to have an external, temporal or circumstantial cause, with you on occasion feeling uncharacteristically like a reluctant participant in this endgame, these matters are slowly moving in to your own corner, once you are tasked with resolving where you go from here.

This is not to say that much of what has taken place wasn’t ideally suited to your purposes, it is just to affirm that a certain element has been a little too much of a good thing, sometimes. You may have believed you were the victim of unstoppable forces that were threatening to blow you off course, while today you progressively realise that the impetus behind many of these twists and turns, is unexpectedly being put back under your direct control. Pluto has been travelling across the apex of your horoscope since 2008 and Uranus first entered your sign during 2010. The latter will leave in exactly three years, but the most challenging contacts involving these irresistible powers, featured mainly between 2012 and 2015.

So in comparison, you now find yourself at a point of strengthening equilibrium, although the final resolution for many of these matters is still a few years away. In the meantime, you have been through the mill and have emerged the other side, wiser and more experienced than when you began this journey. The unpredictable and unsettling nature of previous events is gradually replaced by a greater sense of certainty, since you are increasingly aware of a range of goals and aspirations that are central to your ambitions, along with what you’ll need to do, to ensure these materialise. You could say by this stage, you know the rules of the game and how it is played, so it is a case of settling into a new, but eventually familiar routine and heading forwards in the direction you’d prefer.
: aries - march 2016/march 2017 :
In fact, even though the doubt and instability that have characterised the past few years has often been alarming, in some ways this suited you better than a scenario where at the moment, your routines and responsibilities are steadily threatening to dominate proceedings. Most probably, as you enter a fresh astrological year, you are feeling rather ground down and even worn out, by the constant and continual pressure of your commitments and obligations. You have more energy than most, but the demands being made on your stamina and time, have had both a deleterious and cumulative impact on your well-being and enthusiasm. You are longing for a little more excitement, but should endeavour to seek it in situations where, your chosen aims and objectives are not undermined and your overall purpose still prevails.

Therefore to a large degree, having struggled to come to terms with drastically altered circumstances and to deal simultaneously with a number of inner and private uncertainties, you may have taken too much on your individual shoulders and forgotten that a problem shared is in principle a problem halved, rather than inevitably doubled. You should be aware therefore, that although such matters are going to take a while, the twelve months ahead of you are looking to be a far more rewarding and ultimately happy period, than those that have preceded them. Your relationships with others on every level are set to improve, especially from September and thereafter. As you gain the courage to reach out and welcome different folk into your life, you are simultaneously best equipped to banish those who contribute little from your orbit.
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