: aries - your year in the stars :
Your year kicks off encouragingly with half the solar system in your sector of the sky. This is an infrequent occurrence rather than a rarity: but it does signify an intense focus, the like of which repeats just twice throughout the remainder of 2017, only with a different zodiac sign being highlighted each time. For you, these exceptional circumstances involve the Sun and Moon around the March new moon; along with Mercury, an unusually brilliant Venus, plus Uranus as your long-term cosmic companion, all putting you in the spotlight and beginning this period with a bang. Spring approaches in the temperature regions of the Northern Hemisphere and you’re ready for a fresh start. Even if you are among the slightly over one in ten, who hail from the Southern Hemisphere and see your seasons another way around, a similar trend still prevails.

After the challenges you have faced, looking back so far as the beginning of 2008 in retrospect, when you think about the future you remain surprisingly enthusiastic, motivated and optimistic. Despite the drawbacks and all the potential setbacks, you are eager to tackle what lies ahead. In fact, to be honest given perfect circumstances, you wouldn’t want to approach these matters in any other way. You long for a better atmosphere to predominate, allowing you to believe that you’re back in control of your destiny and occupy the driving seat again. Yet two features, of the celestial configuration that underlies these trends are more notable than the rest. Firstly, it is the last complete year you’ll be subject to the powerful and often disruptive fallout from Uranus in your sign, that began to make its presence known nearly seven years ago.
This planet initially leaves your region of the heavens between May and November 2018, then effectively forever on any timescale that you need to worry about, during March 2019. Remember, Uranus is the planet of change and of individuality. Its discovery in 1781 demolished an ordered and symmetrical interpretation of the solar system, that had held good since before the days of antiquity. The opportunity to be more yourself, to have the scope for making your own decisions and the freedom to cultivate your true potential, is obviously a wonderful thing. But Uranus is also a harbinger of the unexpected; which is why it can prove difficult to prepare for its visit.

By definition, once you readily anticipate a particular eventuality or set of outcomes, these can no longer be called the unexpected anymore. It is the nature of Uranus then, to seek out new ways of surprising or even shocking you, jolting you from the familiar rut in which you have unintentionally been becalmed. Although over the longer term, the consequences of this process tend to work in your favour, there will be occasions you can easily recall when that didn’t appear to be the case. This planet hits hardest in unfulfilling scenarios held together by force of habit, inertia or for convenience.

Secondly, although not really in the same league when it comes to either potency or longevity, Venus sat in your sector of the sky also ensures the next twelve months can commence on a high note. Its retrograde cycle continues in the constellation of the Ram and keeps you in its compelling company for a sum total of ninety-eight days, when one month could be considered as the typical average. Venus will be familiar as the planet of love, but it also governs quite a lot more besides, such as money and your material prosperity for instance. It is justifiably famous for the ameliorating impact it will have on troublesome issues in your private life. Venus first enters your sector of the heavens, during the early days of February 2017.
: aries - march 2017/march 2018 :
This planet turns retrograde soon after March is underway and heads back into Pisces, just as April gets in to its stride. Once direct motion resumes less than a couple of weeks later, Venus returns to your sign on April 28 and lingers there until almost the second week of June. This is a lengthy stay for a planet that usually moves much faster. It marks a period when you will be able to address and even lay to rest, burdensome memories and feelings from the past. It is not a strong enough influence to fix a broken association, but it pours oil on troubled waters where the underlying problems are less deep-seated. The retrograde element of this trend, helps to resolve outstanding issues. Where little can realistically be achieved by going over the same old ground and confronting these overly familiar difficulties, Jupiter in your opposite sign enables you to put this situation behind you, more easily and entirely than you could have hoped under normal circumstances.

The healing process is also swifter and more complete, while you might even discover an element of sympathy for those who have caused such heartache. You are likely to form deeper links, with folk who prove more rewarding than those you have known previously. Stay alert and remain receptive to people who originate from different walks of life, diverse cultural milieu, other age groups, nationalities, racial or religious origins and parts of the globe. They can teach you plenty about the world and your place in it, while keeping you intrigued and making each day in to a voyage of discovery. You’ll learn to see your environment from another point of view. You are fascinated and enthralled, so doing…
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