: aries - your year in the stars :
When it comes to considering your prospects on an annual basis, rather than weekly or monthly for example: the outer planets constitute the most illuminating portents, at the disposal of those versed in astrological lore. Their greater distance from the Sun, the centre of our Solar System and pivot around which all the planets must revolve, means these bodies have further to travel as they complete a full lap and journey through the familiar twelve constellations from our point of view. When you ponder how each asterism has its symbolism, you’ll understand the impact these auguries exert on every area of your horoscope, sometimes going so far as to represent a once in a lifetime scenario, or opportunity if you prefer. You can imagine that such shifts of focus don’t occur often and when they do, it means an eventful year.

One phase of your life draws to a close, while another makes itself felt. It is exceptional for several of these updates to coincide, showing a period of adjustment and upheaval across the wider world, as well as within your own psyche. But what marks this year out as especially crucial for you is when a couple of these major developments, impact directly on your sector of the sky. To prioritise these trends over the coming period, the departure of Uranus from your cosmic neighbourhood is most remarkable, as it leaves your region of the firmament between May and November 2018; marking the prelude to an extended absence beginning in 2019, shortly prior to your next birthday. At roughly seven years through each sign and 84 to traverse the zodiac, this planet hit your segment of the firmament about the middle of 2010.
You will surely, never forget the intervening period. Plus the majority are unlikely to experience a second repetition; since at a minimum you’ll be over eighty the next time around, pondering the onset of the twenty-second century. Uranus represents change, the unusual and the unexpected. This makes its exact effects difficult to pin down, since once you begin to invest in a particular outcome, it is no longer truly unanticipated. But to know where you are going, you must understand where you have been, otherwise your trajectory could seem random, rather than a direct route between two points.

Uranus allows you to be more of yourself and to manifest your individuality as an expression of your talents and abilities, along with less tangible yardsticks, such as how satisfied you feel and how fully you’re able to actualise your underlying potential. Are you nurtured, encouraged and supported by your environment? Where you have been hiding your light under a bushel, it confers the confidence and strength to let these energies shine, like they used to beforehand in a time that seems so distant, you wonder if you recalled it correctly. Often our basic conditioning becomes instilled over such an extended period of subliminal programming, that the chance of liberation only eventuates after an uneasy reorientation.

Think about gaining weight. Or going bald. What encroaches slowly is not instantly reversible. Revisit the most unlikely possibilities, you would previously have countenanced. Cast your mind back to whatever, represented the longest shot and most improbable result. Now, review where such has nonetheless come to pass: in a welcome manner where you have worked hard and stuck to your stated goals, even if you have needed to vary your flight path. Only when you have persisted with errors and misconceptions, you have presented the cosmos with a harder nut to crack, one that has required a corresponding degree of force, before you face the facts.
: aries - march 2018/march 2019 :
Not everything has turned out as you’d hoped: but you are now on a different track, the purpose of which slowly clarifies. Progress is promoted by Uranus and this planet has scant regard for retrogressive analogies. So it seems strange to start a new year gazing back down the road you’ve come, especially since you represent the first member of the zodiac and are renowned as its foremost initiator. But once Uranus moves into Taurus and Chiron arrives in your constellation, two influences coalesce. Initially, you come to understand your prior standards are not the best way to assess your predicament, alarming though this seems at first. There are other perspectives and different angles that far from proving fanciful, have an obvious and immediate application for the real world and in particular, your material well-being.

Living off preceding glories cannot last forever, as the past grows more accessible and readily researched. All the trials you’ve been through and the issues you have confronted and resolved, sooner or later have a demonstrable manifestation in the outside world, that goes beyond those more private and personal changes you have witnessed so far. Often this will have a clear consequence, set to impact on your financial and professional affairs. Where you have shouldered your share of the burden, you can expect to enjoy greater freedom from a few of the restrictions that have hindered you recently. This won’t arise without some effort on your part though, so cockeyed and impractical schemes prove counterproductive. Where you have accepted your responsibilities and shouldered your burdens, you will see gainful results.
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