aries Your twelfth house is Pisces, so your hidden strength is kindness. You can be very generous at times, though since you are often so preoccupied with your own concerns, it could take somebody else to pointing out that you ought to be, before you’ll do anything about it. Your hidden weakness is confusion and a lack of perseverance, once the initial challenge of any new venture has diminished. It is fun charging everywhere this way and that, butting into the obstacles you encounter, but what will you have achieved by the end of it all, except for a bunch of cuts and bruises? Read any astrology book and it’ll tell you all about Librans loving harmony, so that shows how well you’ve fooled everybody, doesn’t it? Underneath, your twelfth house remains the sign of Virgo, so you find joy picking holes in things. If there is possibly an opposing viewpoint you can take, even totally the reverse of what you said when last you opened your mouth, then this will be the one you’ll select. The positive side is seeing both sides of any issue, but when you change your own opinion several times in an average day, this isn’t necessarily an enormous advantage. libra
march 20 -
april 19
september 23
- october 22
taurus Your twelfth house is Aries so your hidden weakness is selfishness, the desire to do whatever you want and get what you need, regardless of anybody else or their own stake in the outcome. Curiously, this same ability is also your most hidden strength, since it is doubtless highly commendable you are able to keep on doing your personal thing, in the face of unanimous opposition and often clear evidence of failure into the bargain. Whether you simply don’t care or perhaps never notice other people’s input is moot, but you might start looking lost and way out on a limb. You seem tough and everybody knows not to mess with you. But with Libra underneath and in your twelfth house, you’re just a big marshmallow though, with a secret desire for peace and pleasantries that you’d tear somebody’s throat out over, rather than let them know you possess. More immediately useful is your innate and natural nose for justice, which if you could listen to it more and one day get over to yourself, as well as helping you to decide when something is worthy of your revenge tactics, you might find assists when figuring out how dreadful these ought to be… scorpio
april 20 -
may 20
october 23
- november 21
gemini Your twelfth house is Taurus, so your hidden strength is your talent with money, a characteristic you keep secret behind your dippy, airhead facade. This helps attract more resources your way and vacuous though you seem, you are privately not reticent when it comes to feathering your nest, preferring solid assets like property especially. Your hidden weakness therefore, is immense greed. When you see someone with something you want, you try to take it from them if you can, rather than build a similar scenario for yourself. You’ll never pay for anything, if you can avoid it… Scorpio in your twelfth house means despite all of the optimism, bonhomie and couldn’t care less attitude you like pretending is the real you, underneath it all you are as scheming, venomous and vengeful as the rest. In fact you are substantially worse than the majority, because you never forget a slight and keep everything to yourself, adding a large measure of repression and deviousness into the festering mix. Your hidden strength is decisiveness in making up your mind, usually when you imagine somebody has crossed you and you won’t ever speak to them again… sagittarius
may 21 -
june 20
november 22
- december 21
cancer Gemini is your twelfth house and your hidden strength is being smart, which when combined with the insight and intuition of a water sign, gives you a great perspective on human nature, that you keep mainly to yourself. Your hidden weakness is feeling unable to decide, leading to procrastination and putting things off until another time. Astrologers always mention how you’re ruled by the Moon, thus your mood swings have become almost legendary. Peace and love flow in abundance one minute, then it’s pouts, tears and slitty red eyes that will make up your day. Your hidden strength and hidden weakness is the ability not to give a damn. When you have taken all you can from people, then with Sagittarius in your twelfth house it is time to gallop off towards pastures new, leaving behind whatever carnage or bad feeling you’d have had to face up to otherwise, while telling yourself and all of your future victims it was everybody else’s fault. Even if really they weren’t to blame, then who in your next round of cannon fodder is going to know? Besides it’s their problem being so gullible and stupid, that’s your view on the subject anyhow. capricorn
june 21 -
july 22
december 22
- january 19
leo Your twelfth house is Cancer, a sign governing the home, your immediate family and your clan, the social group that you belong to and those you consider as your own. Your hidden strength is that like Aslan you are loyal and brave, and you will always look out for those you love, no matter what. Your hidden weakness? You’re a big-head and you love to show off, yet despite all your bluster and bravado, you'd sooner bully and intimidate those you know already, rather than face up to people you secretly model yourself on, and who undoubtedly show greater talent than you do. With Capricorn in your twelfth house, your own hidden strength is being able to detach from your emotions and to make decisions based on cold realities and the bald, bare facts alone. Your hidden weakness is that you damage yourself at the same time, because even though you think you’re some kind of robot, you in fact possess emotional needs the same as everybody else does. You have big dilemmas in close relationships, believing any time spent within an intimate one-to-one will probably only be keeping you from lots of other fun things you could be up to instead. aquarius
july 23 -
august 22
january 20
- february 18
virgo Leo occupies your twelfth house and that’s the sign ruling the ego. This makes yours the size of a planet, which is probably why you find it acceptable going around giving everyone the benefit of your advice, when they didn’t ask for it in the first place, it’s no help to them usually and only stops them from doing whatever it was they were up to, before you came along to interfere. You value your own opinion so much, you even criticise people when they get annoyed by your intervention. So what of your hidden strengths? Please wait a moment, these seem rather few… You have Aquarius in your twelfth house, so despite your compliant personality, underneath it all your still, small voice speaks loudly making you individualistic and certain about what you want to do. You don’t thrust this into anybody’s face though, preferring to pursue your own aims and dreams, out of the range of fishing lines and away from potential fish-hooks. Aquarius can make you highly-strung, thus self-will and anxiety will both undermine you, along with contrariness and a fondness for doing the opposite, from what you reckon others may suggest is right for you. pisces
august 23 -
september 22
february 19
- march 19
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