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The coming twelve months are a phase of metamorphosis. Three of the outer planets change the sign against which they are silhouetted, while the planetoid Chiron joins this exodus. Though Jupiter shifts constellation each year, Saturn only does so every thirty months; while it is more than seven years since Uranus displayed such wanderlust and almost eight once Chiron follows suit. For those of a fitting age and inclination, this makes for a huge impact on your professional affairs and career matters in particular, while you will be pleased to hear your home and family interests are also favourably starred, especially when your own children or those of other people are involved, or where you’d like them to be in future; supposing you were keen to become a parent for example. Concentrating on your employment prospects, it seems that ever since the final stages of 2014, you have been focussed on a project that so far, has proven less than lucrative or rewarding.

Most likely, you have pondered whether things would ever work out for you and have sometimes even thought about throwing in the towel and concentrating on different priorities altogether. You have felt discouraged by the lack of appreciation, both from those in authority: such as employers, superiors or government agencies and others who you had hoped would form your audience. Sometimes, you consider what else you could do, while it has only been all your prior labours that keep you struggling to make an impression. Plus, you wonder what you’d realistically tackle otherwise and whether this wouldn’t feel like a big backwards step, after the challenges you faced in the past seven years.
Perhaps you have attempted to establish a more independent standpoint, to strike out on your own, or to incorporate technology and the Internet increasingly into your everyday affairs. This has necessitated some radical upheavals, some of which have been welcome and the remainder less so, during the second decade of this century. So looking ahead, the first piece of good news is that these ructions are almost over now, with Uranus heading into Taurus from May 2018. Although you will still need to anticipate the unexpected throughout most of the coming twelve months, this means a greater sense of stability and security is in sight, with the light at the end of the tunnel not just another train coming your way.

In due course, these events enable you to take a longer term perspective on your situation and to consider where all these alterations and disturbances leave you, in terms of what you want and expect for the future. A theme of more freedom and greater individuality is the likely outcome, a trend you initially see emerging from October 2017, when Jupiter reaches Scorpio and starts a twelve month stay. Although the period from September 2016 has been rewarding, there is a little to confirm this to the outside world; beyond the confines of your personal life and those you know best.

The emphasis has primarily been on your domestic affairs and private issues, where the atmosphere is largely reassuring and rewarding, enabling you to feel that in at least one respect your life has been more settled than beforehand, even if from every other point of view this was fairly far from the case. Home and family are always important to you, so to have a rewarding environment and a solid foundation to come back to, has not been a negligible development. You may have moved to a better area, found greater acceptance and tranquillity where you live already, improving your family by way of numbers, with folk joining or departing this sphere.
: cancer - june 2017/june 2018 :
These scenarios have led you to develop a greater sense of belonging and an idea that at least when it comes to what is most important, life is working out for you. Jupiter’s arrival in Scorpio helps you to expand this feeling into everyday consciousness and to see it manifesting across a wider framework. Things have been way too serious lately, so the chance to relax and let down your hair proves slightly overdue. You might find a committed, responsible and hard-working individual helps in this process, while it wouldn’t be an enormous leap of faith to see the two of you becoming romantically involved, if you aren’t already, of course. A number of people find it easier relating to animals rather than their human compatriots, so the beneficial impact a loyal pet or companion being has on your welfare ought not to be underestimated…

Similarly, bringing up children acts as a healing agency, with all the compromises that you’ll need to swallow. Finally, let’s enjoy possibly the most welcome news that you are going to receive over the next twelve months. Whatever you have focussed on so intensely, devoted so much hard work towards and yet for which you have received more opposition than praise, is going to pay off for you eventually. You’ll need to apply yourself through December and beyond, yet slowly and surely you’ll begin to notice the signs that suggest a tipping point has been reached. You can take comfort and solace from these events, yet shouldn’t expect everyone to be thrilled. The trouble is that when you obviously flourish, others who’ve taken a safer but more mundane path, get jealous as you accelerate beyond their concept of the multiverse.
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