: cancer - your year in the stars :
This year, many of the distant and slow-moving outer planets, continue in the same zodiac constellations, they have been highlighting for some while. This chapter stretches back in the case of Pluto for example, even so far as 2008. But if you consider the changes in your affairs that have occurred since then, you really cannot describe the effect of these trends as anything other than monumental. Some of these developments have been very welcome, while others have seemed more challenging. But with the benefit of hindsight, you would agree they almost all turned out for the best and probably would have proven unavoidable over the longer term, whatever you went through at the time.

Nobody could portray your relationships since as being of the lukewarm variety either. Rather, these associations have been passionate, engrossing and highly charged; with a strong sexual component in the right circumstances. Even your friendships and business links have felt equally intense. They may have been driven by a fierce loyalty and by the sense of shared purpose that exists between those involved. Or in certain less than welcome situations, your link may have been characterised by subterfuge, envy, underhanded tactics, unethical behaviour and jealousy, with both parties struggling for power and endeavouring to get the upper hand, while exacting a dire revenge for supposed misdeeds and wreaking havoc in the lives of their selected opponents. You have been pushed to the edge and beyond on several occasions, with some of this feeling rather more akin to a course of psychotherapy, than anything you’d undertaken voluntarily for enjoyment.
Remember this year, Pluto’s influence persists, so while you’ll love all the intrigue and the passion, you’d be wise not to get yourself in too deep where any direct challenges of a personal, professional or even legal nature are concerned. Don’t let yourself be pushed around, as standing up for your rights is important and being used as a doormat cannot be recommended. Just don’t be tempted to bend the truth or flout the rules in return, or to act ruthlessly and vengefully, since behaving this way will create an impasse, where a solution grows more distant and everything becomes complicated.

Many of these issues are inextricably interconnected with your current drive for independence and to express yourself fully, with the intention of fulfilling your latent potential and breaking free from any unnecessary limitations. A number of people have not been best pleased by your ideas and to be honest, you could have managed this process more thoughtfully sometimes, especially with regard to the impact it was likely to have on others. But the journey has been a steep learning curve and you’re a wiser, more experienced person than you were when Uranus arrived at the apex of your horoscope during 2010. This planet also helps those of an appropriate age and inclination to update their professional environment and working conditions, so these fall more closely into line with what you want nowadays. Greater variety as part of your remit, deploying new techniques, the latest technology and the Internet all make a big difference to the content of your working day.

Often you have been unsure of where you are heading exactly. There have been a number of unexpected events to contend with, but a simple faith in their outcome has kept you broadly travelling towards a destination, you hope to recognise once you find it. Your pace has not been rapid, but has occurred in fits and starts, with little happening for a while, followed by a phase of frenetic activity…
: cancer - june 2016/june 2017 :
Uranus sticks around at the top of your horoscope for another three years, so if you’re disappointed with the degree to which your dreams came true, remember it is too early for a final judgement. New skills contribute to a successful outcome: gained within education as it is generally recognised, on the job, or simply brushing up on your abilities. Your health is delicate throughout this coming year and must not be taken for granted. Any minor or niggling concerns should be treated seriously, before they turn into something worse. Look out in particular for chronic complaints that have dragged on for ages and could affect your bones, joints, skin, teeth, hair or overall mobility. Remember your vitality is lower than usual, so be easy on yourself and don’t go pushing the envelope. Aim for a perfect mix of exercise, relaxation and sleep.

Eat sensibly and avoid overworking; there is no need to tempt fate. If you are older, bear in mind your body requires more maintenance than before. Depression and a general feeling of malaise might trouble you; but remember your reward lies down the line. Finally, since you are above all concerned with your family affairs and home life, some excellent news. From September, Jupiter moves into the bottommost sector of your chart, where it is particularly potent and bodes well for all your domestic affairs. Problems improve, or you may welcome someone new, into your family circle. Happiness prevails, you get on better with your parents and where your surroundings have been gloomy, oppressive and a financial burden, there has never been a more ideal moment for moving to a better location, with the scope to be yourself.
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